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    by Paul Shuteyev

    Hello, my name is Zakk. I’ve written this article as a product real user, not advertiser, so it’s without fear of favour. I’m keen on internet marketing and online business, also doing articles and reviews. Today I’d like to explain main e-marketing method to increase real customer quantity and get subscribers. It’s about EMAIL MARKETING.

    As we all know, electronic mail is the best internet marketing resource, so if you:

    1.) Are seeking ways to promote your online business

    2.) Want to increase your profits

    3.) Need new customers

    4.) Or just get useful bulk email software to send the ads and email newsletters ->

    Then the very best way out is to get your own Email Marketing Software. Plus it’s one of the cheapest and easiest ways to do all mentioned operations.

    All the businessmen know how important is to informate old customers and get new ones, that’s why all my friends and I have chosen MassMailSoftware as the main marketing tool. Now I’m going to describe most useful and popular software packs and tools. Let’s start!

    1.) Bulk Mailer - a powerful bulk emailing software with tracking facilities.

    Atomic Bulk Mail Sender (AMS) is a program with built-in tracking facilities to design, send and monitor bulk personalized messages. AMS is not just a secure direct mailer, with AMS you can also control and compare the effectiveness of your email campaigns by monitoring who, from what country and when opens your email, clicks links or loads images. So, being integrated with Atomic Email Tracker (web-based newsletter monitoring system), the program can be set to create an invisible code and insert it into sent messages. Once you are registered with the Mail Tracker service and the campaign name is created in AMS, our system starts monitoring the status of every email sent out under that email campaign name. Atomic Mail Sender accepts mailing lists generated in Excel, Access, DBF, Word, made in ASCII text files (.txt, .lst) as well. The number of email addresses is unlimited. If you wish you can reach a million people by sending them individual emails at once and without that embarrassing exposure of email addresses to other recipients of your message. Atomic Mail Sender is a stand-alone bulk mailer program. All you need to start use it is a connection to the Internet. The program has its own internal SMTP server and delivers mail messages directly to email recipients without your ISP mailbox. – Use this to try or buy software


    2.) Atomic Email Verifier - a program that verifies the validity of e-mail addresses in mailing lists.

    Atomic Mail Verifier (AMV) is a unique program that checks email addresses for the validity. Unlike other email verification programs, our verifier uses three levels of verification to ensure you will not lose any valid address. After loading your mailing list or pasting some email addresses for validation, AMV begins to verify each e-mail address. All addresses are checked in multithreaded mode that speeds up the entire process. – Use this to try or buy this tool
    You can also purchase Atomic Mail Verifier at a discounted price. Learn how to get a discount on Atomic Mail Verifier. We've also noticed an increased demand for pirated versions of our products, that's why we recommend you to read about Atomic Mail Verifier cracks.


    3.) Atomic Email Autoresponder

    By my mind, the must-have tool for everyone who's in marketing.Atomic Email Autoresponder (AEA) is a really must-have software for effective communication with your customers. It can take upon itself the most part of interaction with your prospects and clients. When a new person sends you an email containing certain fields or information, AEA discerns that information and starts "talking" this person in accordance with the rules you set.

    Atomic Email Autoresponder will be your personal assistant that is never tired, does everything exactly in time and never goes on a vacation. Believe us - it is sure to succeed!

    Atomic Email Autoresponder sends sequential unlimited automatic responses. A sequential email autoreply software is a responder that does not send some standard message in reply to a message from a user, but it can send a sequence of messages to this user, one by one, at the specified interval. For instance, it sends one message today, the second message the day after tomorrow and the third message in a month.

    According to e-commerce analysts' estimates, using three or more email messages makes the possibility of a response from a prospect considerably much higher. It is a happy medium that neither allows customers to forget about you nor bothers them too much. So do your marketing with pleasure and with real income. – Use this to try or buy this tool.


    All tools ar compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000, so enjoy them!

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    Paul Shuteyev
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