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Email Marketing 2011 – Top 6 Trends and Strategies

Email Marketing Trends and Strategies 2011[/caption]

Hi friends,

Here are Top 6 Email Marketing Trends and Strategies of 2011. But first off, I’d like to show you some digits that year 2010 gave us.

* 97% of US households use email (e-Dialog, 2010)
* 75% of internet connected homes use social networks (61.5% of all US Households) (Nielsen, 2010)
* 91% of the US population uses a mobile device (CTIA, 2010)
* 23% use a smart phone (Frank N. Magid Associates, 2010)

Trend #1: “Content – Engagement Strategy”

Listen, engage and take action with your subscribers. This means providing content that spurs interaction and promotes advocacy, dialog or feedback. Choose a simple idea and design a playful engagement that will continue to actively involve your subscribers and grow your list. Let your message stand out and get noticed!

Trend #2: “Social Media Marketing”

Why not add Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites to your email marketing campaigns? This makes for a good multi-level connection and adds more real-time value; doing so will offer your email recipients more than one or two ways to connect with your business. Don’t forget to provide links so that you will gain leads to email opt-in sites!

Trend #3: “Effective List Segmentation”

Develop, design and expand on effective methods that will consistently re-engage those recipients who have participated in the past. Track how your recipients respond to specific content and integrate new sending strategies accordingly. This will allow you to leverage your prospects and experience a higher conversion of opens and participation in your targeted email marketing campaigns!

Trend #4: “Test and Analyze”

Be proactive in the quality metrics of your content. Always thoroughly test your new content before starting a new campaign. Obtain daily deliver-ability metrics and reports to improve your mailings. Doing this will ensure your maximum returns and minimize risk.

Trend #5: “Marketing Automation”

Find your vertical niche. Provide an engaging experience that transports real-time value in a real-time marketing world. Free up your resources so you have time for other projects!

Trend #6: “Mobile (Cutting-edge) Norm”

Give rise to mobile email quantification! A major hurdle in mobile email marketing is how well people can view your message on their phone and mobile device screens. There are so many mechanisms for people to connect today, so spend some time formatting your content and be concise by using pre-headers and removing unnecessary images. Keep messages short and to the point. Test for every platform and use a mobile-friendly site or landing page. Doing so will make for a user-friendly site, regardless of whether a recipient opens your mail on a computer or a mobile device.

Email Marketing 2011 – Top 6 Trends and Strategies
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Written by: Paul Shuteyev

I am an internet-marketing specialist.


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