Email Design Colors and Emotions – Stimulate Engagement and Purchases

    by Paul Shuteyev
    Email design colors and emotions Emotions That Stimulate Engagement It's important to give your subscribers and recipients right emotions and stimulate them, make them feel what they and we want. Anticipation: People are really curious. You can use this to your advantage when preparing your email campaigns. Fancy images, galleries, trigger words, and teaser content all help to stimulate your subscribers. Make them feel interested. Joy: Happy customers will definitely buy more and not even once. Keep your clients happy by offering high-value content, positive imagery, and well-written email message. This will also increase the loyalty and make your brand look more stable and better. Trust: We all want to feel safe, that's the one of basic instincts. Your recipients want to feel safe about your offer, you need to make them sure it's worth trusting. Well-written reviews, testimonials, ratings and statistics will help you - make sure to include some of these into your mailing. Emotions That Stimulate Purchases Researches show that approximately 90% of all purchase decisions are made unconsciously and almost instantly. Please see below some of emotions that stimulate purchases and effect instant purchase decisions No-brainer: People prefer to buy without thinking. If people need to think too much when facing your offer, you are exhausting them, and the subconscious mind doesn’t like that. Bad mind, lazy mind :) Make your offer or product information easy-2-understand - use bullets, images, steps. Also mention most valuable info only, avoid small technical details or large guides. No Risk: Again, we are all afraid of risk and want to feel safe. Remember a simple rule - we feel stronger emotions when we lose something, not gain. To make your email campaigns "no-risk" mention free tests, trial accounts, total refund policy, etc. Also provide easy access to testing - make it possible to start testing of your product within seconds or minutes, time matters. Social Proof: Most of people follow the crowd. We need to be sure other people like and support it too. Similar with marketing - show your subscribers and recipients that your product is well respected and valued among certain group of users (social network fans, loyal customers, etc). Mention benefits of your products and how it helps other people to meet their needs.
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    Paul Shuteyev
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