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    Perfect Subject Line in 5 Steps

    by Paul Shuteyev

    girl-thumbs-upHey guys,

    Hope you're doing great! What catches recipient's attention most? Subject line, right! Subject lines make recipients open emails, no opens - no conversions. As you understand whole email campaign depends on the subject line you used. Subject line is just one sentence, but it's a real art to prepare a good one. This time I would like to remind you of 5 steps that will help you to prepare a perfect subject line. Let's start!

    Step 1. Informative > Promotional

    Emails with informative subject lines are opened more often than ones with the promo subject lines. Make it sound like an important and useful info (Tips, HowTo, Guide, Special Info, etc.) not a direct offer (Buy now, Get Discount, Sale, etc.)

    Step 2. Stay laconic

    Subject line is just a sentence, and it's not a sentence from a school essay. This one should be short and direct. Latest researches (more than 500 million messages analyzed) showed that the best length for a subject line is under 50 characters. But what's also important - put the most important and useful info at the beginning of a subject line.

    Step 3. Avoid SPAM words.

    Seriously, subject line is the next one to be analyzed by spam-filters after the sender's reputation. Avoid such stop words as Buy Now, Cheap, etc. See the list here - Spam-words to avoid!

    Step 4. Make the subject line fit the content.

    It's one of the worst mistakes to have a misleading subject line, even if it's clear, laconic and informative. Your subject line may be very simple, like January's Newsletter, it's not bad to have such subject line. Sender-recipients relationships are more important than pushing your products or offers.

    Step 5. Make it typographically simple

    Avoid ALL CAPS, do not use exclamation marks, some special symbols. Also do not try to single out your subject line with <<<...>>>, -==...==-, %%%...%%%, xXx...xXx, etc., - that's really WRONG :D

    Written by:
    Paul Shuteyev
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