4 key things you should know about email extraction

    by Emily Bronte

    Extracting email addresses from the Internet is the first thing you think of when it comes to searching for potential customers. However, the absence of reconciliation between the theory and the practice of extraction works out poor results.

    I would like to take you through the key features you should pay attention to after downloading the email address extractor.  With the usage of Atomic Email Hunter, you can collect numerous contacts from different webpages using keywords specific to your business or a list of target sites.



    Localize the search and narrow it down to your country. There are 42 different suggested search engines for this purpose. By default, Atomic Email Hunter uses only 5 search engines to extract emails. You can select preferred search engine. Again, this is especially useful if you wish to fine tune your results to only local search engine results. Pick the search engines of your choice.



    One more setting that helps getting targeted emails — Email Filters. Atomic Email Hunter has accumulated all of the different settings, options, features you may find in other email extractors. There are few things you might want to do here in the first place. There is no point and no way to go through all of them. Nevertheless, they are useful.

    You may define rules to ignore some found email addresses. For example, you may not add the addresses from abuse@ address, FBI's addresses (@fbi.gov) etc. Also, you may block addresses from some users that contain a string with the users name.


    If you enter some emails in "E-mail address must contain", Atomic Email Hunter will extract email addresses containing the specified information. All other addresses will be skipped.


    Whenever you mess with settings, you can revert them back to the Default values. As soon as you notice no extracted emails — hit "Default values" button.


    Right keywords

    When you search by a keyword, pay attention to words/phrases you choose. They must correspond to your business profile and reach the right target audience.

    For example, you sell coffee and coffee-machines.

    To get target results and extract email addresses, you need to choose such keyphrases as “coffee bean supplier” or “coffee bean manufacture”.

    For faster and better results it is recommended to make a list of keywords and activate “Search in list” option. The program has a keyword suggestion tool, so you can easily find the right keyphrases and extract email address of everyone who deals with coffee.

    Follow this advice to make your search more efficient and useful.


    Enabling for better results understanding 

    Among other information, Atomic Email Extractor can extract additional data about email address user as well as about the email address source.

    This is good and useful practice for analyzing the extracted results. The more information you know – the better segmentation you can do and the deeper understanding of your leads you will have.



    As you see, when you decide to extract email addresses, you should know the main extraction principles for you can simplify your work with the program.

    And just in case you want to get a paid copy of Atomic Email Hunter — here is the link.

    Written by:
    Emily Bronte
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