How To Get Ideas For Your Email Marketing

    by Eugenia Bondarenko
    Marketing idea One of the hardest challenges most online marketers face is finding new ways of getting potential customers attention. This is particularly difficult because one a good idea have hatched, the news of it spreads fast and becomes so frequently used that it loses its effectiveness. However, the good news is that you can easily become more innovative in how you do your email marketing by creating a system for both experimenting and learning. When you might feel you have a creative block, it can help you get past that. Here are three simple ways to get email marketing ideas:

    Phone book readingTreat your phone like an offline library

    If you take a look around most trains these days most people are glued to their screens checking what their friends are doing on Facebook or looking at something on YouTube. If you are lucky enough to commute for a few hours a day you have been given the magical opportunity of listening to audiobooks or podcasts, alternatively reading books. Try to resist the urge to check out email marketing blogs, as that temptation can quickly lead you to click on distracting links. Instead look for books with case studies of what major companies have done. Do not only focus on what is happening in your industry but also learn from what worked in other industries. Instead download the books you want to dig into further, and put the phone on flight mode. You are now alone. As you flick through pages or listen through chapters you might notice that you get ideas. If that happens, go to the note section on your phone and scribble down a keyword or two so you are able to reflect on it later.

    Trial and errorAsk questions, test and observe

    What if? This should usually be the start of a way of thinking that lead you to a hypothesis. If you are in a partnership with someone, or have an email marketing idea, rather than starting a debate suggest a test. You might notice, as many successful marketers have, that you can be frequently wrong. This is totally fine. If you test by only sending a limited number of emails every time, and record what happened, you are learning. In particular, pay attention to how your target market reacts to your test. Are they responding? Do they appreciate your content, or does it fall on deaf ears? If you approach your email campaigns as experiments, rather than marketing efforts you might notice that you campaigns becomes more innovative the more you ask.

    A creative email marketing learning system

    The following 7 step-by-step system might work as well for you as it does for this writer:
    • Get a smartphone that has at least 8GB in storage.
    • Install Amazon Kindle and Audible apps on your phone.
    • Search either of the two for books in email marketing.
    • Go through them at a time when you can not be disturbed. If you are commuting, do it then. Put your phone on flight mode.
    • Write down any ideas you get.
    • Test them.
    • Reflect on the results. Consider keeping a journal in addition to studying the data from your campaigns.
    Keep in mind that ongoing learning and experimentation is vital for your creative growth as an email marketer.
    Written by:
    Eugenia Bondarenko
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