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How To Use Email Marketing To Increase Conversion

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One of the biggest challenges website owners face is finding ways to increase sales without having to spend more on advertising. The quick solution can be to increase your website’s conversion rate.

Email marketing can help increase conversion rates by warming up leads or staying in regular contact with existing clients. This might not offer immediate sales, but over the long-term, you might find yourself regarded as a trusted resource which customers can access.

Here are a few specific suggestions on how email marketing can increase conversion:

Provide free value before a sale


Many visitors to websites are not ready to buy. They might not trust what you are offering and may not have a pre-existing relationship with your brand. It can be a good idea to “warm them up” with something free that can be perceived as having a high value. Many experienced email marketers often offer a free email course or a download for receiving a name and an email.

The effect of this on conversion might not always be easy to measure because building the relationship with prospects, particularly long term, can take time. For many customers, they might not be ready to buy until much later.

Add value after the sale


A commonly misunderstood concept is helping existing customers get more out of the purchases they already have made and guide them towards other areas of interest. This is particularly sad since the cost of getting existing customers to buy again is lower than getting new customers in the first place.

For email marketers, how you add value to a purchase can depend a lot on the type of product or service you are selling. If, for instance, you are selling a product which would go well with another product, then simply suggesting the other product can be enough. Alternatively, you could add value by giving ideas for using the product or service. If you are able to include the customers’ friends or colleagues, you might also experience a growth in word-of-mouth sales.

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Explain complicated material


A challenge you might face is finding a simple way to explain something very complicated. For instance, you might be selling a solution which might solve a simple problem, but where there might be a lot of scepticism surrounding the topic. This will require you to gradually build trust between you and the prospective customer. This is particularly important in markets where there are a lot of shady players.

If you are experiencing this issue, then the solution can be to create a series of emails which solve prospective clients’ problems. This gives you the opportunity to build a position of trust. You can further that position, by making sure you work with an editor to “translate” your message so people with no understanding of the topic can understand your points without too much effort.


Email can be seen as a way to build a solid relationship between you and prospective customers. In particular, it can be used to build rapport before and after a sale. However, it can also be a valuable asset in explaining more complicated material to new audiences.

As an email marketer, your challenge will be to find new ways to add more value to your audience by actively engaging in conversations with them, and then using what you learn to improve your communication. You might find that the more you give, the more comes back in the form of increased sales.

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Written by: Eugenia Bondarenko