Improve Email Deliverability: 6 Important Rules

    by Evgeniy Kralich
    ba39281d When you shoot, you want to hit something, when you send emails to a large list of recipients, you want them to receive your email. We are going to talk about the most important things that help improve email deliverability and ensure that your email hits the target. There is no point in sending those emails otherwise. This is why the email deliverability rate is such an important factor for every online marketer. In fact, it is one of those very first things that you have to take care of before you kick-start your internet marketing campaign. The good news is that there are many proven techniques that you can use to improve email deliverability. The hard-work, experimentation and testing have already been done by different internet marketers, and now all you have to do is to follow their proven and tested methods. Some of these techniques are:

    Get Rid of Invalid Email Addresses

    wild gunman When you buy – or build – a mailing list, there are bound to be some email addresses that may be invalid. More often than not, it is because those email addresses are not saved properly and contain typos and errors. The first thing to do for improving your email deliverability rate is to get rid of all such invalid email addresses. You see, for as long as you don’t have a valid email address, your email won’t be delivered. It will be counted as an “undelivered” email which damages your overall deliverability rate. We already talked about email list cleaning some time ago, if you, however, want to get straight to business, simply download Atomic Email Verifier, upload your email list and follow the instructions.

    Permission Based Email Marketing

    duck hunt It may sound like an old cliché, but permission based email marketing is the pioneer for any successful online campaign. If you double-confirm the subscription with your prospects, you will get a significantly better deliverability rate. This is because you take almost all the factors out of the equation with it which lead to undelivered emails. For instance, if you use the permission based marketing method, you will know that your subscribers do want to receive your emails, your emails won’t end up as “spams”, you know that there is no error or typo in your mailing list, and everything in between.

    Avoid the Spam Buzzers

    Hogan's_Alley_Screenshot_NES There are certain things that almost work as “spam buzzers”. If you want to improve your email deliverability rate, you will have to avoid all such triggers. For example, if you use “ALL CAPS”, unnecessary exclamation marks or question marks, excessive use of characters and symbols ($), etc. you alert the ISPs to check your emails for spams. To achieve better deliverability rate, just make sure that you don’t include any such “spam buzzer” in your email. Our bulk email sender allows you to check your email against the filters of the most popular spam filtering program - "SpamAssasin" and find out if your email can be qualified as spam and what are the chances of its going to the spam bin.

    Get a Good Email Service Provider

    For a successful email marketing campaign – and high deliverability rate – you have to be on top of your game. There are just so many factors that it becomes almost impossible to track all of them on your own. This is where a good email service provider can come really handy. Atomic Email Service provides tons of different features. By using these features, you can not only improve your email deliverability rate, but you can also keep an eye on various important metrics … which also brings us to our next point.

    By Keeping Track of the Bounces

    pixel-game If you want to improve your email deliverability rate, it is important to keep track of the bounces you are getting. If you are using a good email management service – as mentioned in the previous point – it becomes really easy to track that. Atomic Email Tracker presents you with a really comprehensive report about your email bounces. In order to ensure maximum deliverability rate, you will have to take care of the “hard bounces”. Eradicate as many hard bounces as you can, and eventually, your email deliverability rate will increase.

    Become Recognized

    The “sender” field is generally the first segment that is visible to your recipient. If you are a recognized sender, your emails are more likely to be delivered. Otherwise, they will be intercepted by ISPs and email clients, and they might not even be delivered to your prospect. This is why it is so important to use your personal name in the “sender” field, so your recipients instantly recognize you. In other words, don’t use addresses like, and Use either your personal name or your company name to start the recognition process.

    Final Words

    It is a proven fact that acquiring a new customer can be 15 times more expensive than marketing to an existing one. And a higher email deliverability rate ensures that you don’t have to constantly acquire new prospects to ensure better returns. In fact, you can acquire a high ROI just by reaching your existing prospects in a better way, i.e. with a higher email deliverability rate.
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    Evgeniy Kralich
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