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Email Marketing 2010 – Coming Soon – NEW Atomic Email Hunter 7.00

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Email Marketing

Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends, Happy Customers,

We are glad to announce that we’ve started developing process of the new Atomic Email Hunter version!

What’s NEW in upcoming version:

  • Faster HTTP / HTTPS Scan

  • Email / Mobile Phone number extracting

  • Connection with Email-sending and SMS-sending modules

  • Social Media connections

  • Java Script link recognizing

  • Atomic Smart Engine – filling and submitting forms to get deeper access

  • Multitasking

and Much, Much More!

What is Atomic Email Hunter?

Atomic Email Hunter is an email extractor designed to harvest e-mail addresses and user names from the web sites you define (or those found basing on keywords) and using http and https protocols.

With Atomic Email Hunter collecting email addresses is as easy as using the Internet search engines. Type in the desired keywords and Hunter will gather the top ranked pages directly from Google (or other search engines you choose) and then will be searching through those pages for emails. Our keyword search is a unique and useful feature non-existing in other popular email extractors.

Atomic Email Hunter provides a variety of filters for scanning web pages. You can limit the scanning depth and paths.

The program is flexible and easy to use. In most cases all that is needed to get results is to enter a valid URL or type several keywords in search bar.

Atomic Email Hunter is a very fast program and supports multi-threaded page loading. The harvester requires very few machine resources and can run quietly in the background on any computer that is running Windows with a functioning connection to the Internet.

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Atomic Email Hunter does not depend on any additional software the way many email extractors depend on the Internet Explorer and it can work through proxy servers.

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Written by: Paul Shuteyev

I am an internet-marketing specialist.