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Most stupid marketing trick on Ebay ever!

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A guy selling nothing on eBay is promoting it as the dumbest eBay auction ever. Since the idea isn’t new (nothing has been sold on eBay before, as even he admits), it may just live up to the claim. The seller writes:

Rather than put up some arbitrary item that’s worthless and intangible, I figured I’d just put up something of equivalent value: nothing. You are bidding on absolutely nothing. I won’t send you anything if you win the auction. Shipping on this particular item is free. I will send you exactly what is described here, including no item and no packaging.


What gets me is that he then becomes all fussy and uptight about possible hoax bids. As if he would actually have something to lose if a hoax bidder won the auction.

Most stupid marketing trick on Ebay ever!
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Responses (6) on "Most stupid marketing trick on Ebay ever!"

  1. Hahaha… That’s really funny! Did someone make a bid for that ‘item’? 😀

  2. mattiailbello

    ohh yea is very funny!! and i think that is very difficult sell and buy in ebay!

  3. the guy tried to act smart. really funny though on how people could have actually bid on ‘nothing’

  4. It’s strange he would take the trouble to set that up with the fess when it’s obvious there wont be any serious bidders 😛

  5. good joke the tried to act too smart
    from where did you get it

  6. If he had a link to an actual website..makes sense.