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comments 16.09.2011 Paul Shuteyev @ Email Marketing, Email Newsletters, Internet Marketing Strategies

Top 7 Questions That Will Help You to Prepare an Email Marketing Campaign

Hey Guys, Hope’you doing great! We all know how important first email campaign is – this is the experience that all of us remember. Some of us had good experience, some – not. These Top 7 questions below are a must-see for each and every marketer who wants to join email marketing world – question […]

comments 31.05.2011 Paul Shuteyev @ Email Marketing, General, Internet Marketing Strategies, Statistics

How to Optimize an Email Marketing Campaign? Top 4 Golden Techniques.

What is the most important aspect of each and every email marketing campaign? Right, email list. Email list and your email letter (design, content) are the only 2 parts of email campaign that can be optimized by measuring and evaluating your email marketing statistics. So I am going to provide you with top 4 email […]