How can I extract contact information from websites?



    In the case you need to add contacts to your existing contact base, phone number extractor will come in handy alongside other number extraction solutions for effective email marketing that may help to collect contact information from websites.

    How to get contacts from web pages


    Web scraping tools are designed to extract, collect any public information from websites. These resources are needed when you need to quickly receive and store any data from the web in a structured form.

    Collect contact information from web pages with the help of Atomic solutions.

    Step-by-step guide to hunting contacts with Atomic Email Hunter


    Atomic Email Hunter Email is the first program you will need to collect your mailing list. This is the best mail collector for anyone who doesn't like the limit on the number of addresses analyzed.

    This data extraction tool will search for contacts by:

    • target sites,

    • social networks (Facebook and Twitter),

    • and even in your inbox.



    So, you will see the menu with tools to find the email address, Internet email addresses by keyword, social media, company domain, and location.

    To search for emails, you need to set a list of criteria:

    • Search by URL.

    Just enter the address of the website you want to scan contacts from and Atomic Email Hunter will scan and receive them, even if they are hidden in the code.

    • Domain search.

    If you want to search for emails from employees of a particular company, use contact details scraper, open Find Company Email in the program menu and enter the company domain.

    • Keyword search.

    Specify one or a list of keywords to search for email addresses on the Internet.

    • Keyword + search URL.

    This is useful when you have a forum or website that contains many addresses, but you only need a few of them. Atomic Email Hunter will scan your site for relevant emails based on the keywords you specify to scrape information from web pages.

    This way you can create the most suitable mailing list, export it and get started.

    Final points


    Scraping tools like Atomic Email Hunter can be used to collect and organize data such as postal addresses, contact information from various sites and social networks, for example, get contact email addresses from Facebook. This allows you to compile convenient lists of contacts and all the accompanying business — customer data, suppliers or manufacturers, etc.

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