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comments 02.10.2018 Amanda Peterson @ Guest Post

Top 3 Tips for Writing Engaging Marketing Emails


With 205 billion emails sent every day, it can be difficult to stand out amidst the sea of promotions, social media notifications and correspondences found in just a single inbox. While mass emailing can reach a great deal of your audience in a short amount of time, getting customers to open and interact with the email can be a major challenge.
Check out our three tips below to encourage your audience to boost customer engagement with your marketing emails:

comments 21.09.2018 Eugene Blokhin @ Guest Post

TOP-10 Call-To-Action Phrases In Email Marketing That Will Drive Your Sales


What will happen if your CTA buttons don’t work correctly? If nobody clicks them and your visitors don’t pay any attention to your CTA phrases, then you don’t get any sales, and your company doesn’t get an income.
Moreover, poorly-written CTA phrases for your CTA buttons can crash all the rest of your hard work, including SEO and email-marketing plan.

comments 14.07.2011 Paul Shuteyev @ Email Marketing, Email Newsletters, Internet Marketing Strategies

Top 3 Values Your Email Marketing Campaigns Should Consist Of

Each and every of your emails sent to your recipients should grab their attention, keep them updated and make them act (subscribe, buy, pre-order, etc.). Only valuable information can accomplish such goals and transform your subscribers into customers. This is what I want to talk about today – what are the TOP 3 values of […]

comments 13.06.2011 Paul Shuteyev @ Email Marketing, Email Newsletters, Internet Marketing Strategies

Top 5 Email Marketing Tips to Stay Modern in 2011

Greetings, Hope you’re doing really great, ’cause today is the day to talk about the key moments of email marketing in 2011. We had a chance to test and prove few important techniques this year , so I’m going to provide you with the list of most important aspect of modern email marketing. Are you […]

comments 23.02.2011 Paul Shuteyev @ Email Marketing, Email Newsletters, Internet Marketing Strategies, Marketing

Email Marketing 2011 – Timing and Sharing Techniques

Hey guys, Here are some great techniques on how to set right timing for your email campaign messages to encourage your subscribers to share them via all kinds of social media channels (like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and much more). On the one hand – it’s all about content, but it’s not! It’s more about the […]

comments 11.11.2010 Paul Shuteyev @ Email Marketing, Internet Marketing Strategies

Email Marketing Techniques 2010 – Triggered Emails vs. Broadcast Emails. Getting 30% higher Open Rates.

Hi friends, There are two main “styles” of  email marketing campaigns: first one is broadcast email—a uniform message sent to everyone on the list, and the second is triggered email—a message triggered by an event, time, or an action sent to a specific person for a specific reason (I mean highly personalized). The real power […]

comments 01.10.2010 Paul Shuteyev @ Email Marketing, Email Marketing News, Internet Marketing Strategies, Marketing

Email Marketing 2010 – 4 Ultimate Techniques to Bring Inactive Subscribers to Life

On any email list, there are subscribers who signed up and never again showed signs of life. These are real people, who may have opted in to the specific offer, free content, a contest and then never reacted to your newsletters, and never bothered to unsubscribe. Let’s call them Inactive Subscribers. It’s better to have […]