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comments 31.01.2019 Max Chekalov @ Guest Post, Marketing, Statistics

Hacking Mobile Marketing in 2019: Infographic

Mobile Marketing Infographicc

Is mobile marketing dead, or is it only getting started? If you consider that by 2016, 62.9% of people globally owned a mobile phone, this is one marketing medium that won’t die soon.
In this post, we’ll look at how to hack mobile marketing in 2019.

comments 09.02.2012 Paul Shuteyev @ Email Marketing, Internet Marketing Strategies, Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Building Email and SMS lists using Social Media – 5 Steps

We all know how important social media websites and social networks are. This is a comfortable place for all of web surfers. Such social networks like Facebook or Twitter became a home page for so many users. Nowadays internet is not just checking websites, it’s more like checking your social networking profile for all the […]

comments 29.08.2011 Paul Shuteyev @ Email Marketing News, General

Atomic SMS Sender: Bermuda Triangle – Successful Delivery

Hey guys, AtomPark proudly announces successful SMS message delivery to Bermuda Triangle, also known as Devil’s Triangle. All sent – all delivered, no losses Seems like boats and planes are more interesting to Devil than our messages… Now our service covers all internet-connected places on Earth, and global SMS delivery rate is close to 100%. […]

comments 09.08.2010 Paul Shuteyev @ Email Marketing News, Internet Marketing Strategies, Marketing

SMS Marketing 2010 – 4 Steps to Measure SMS Marketing Campaign

Being able to gauge the success of any SMS marketing campaign is critical. In order to measure any SMS campaign, there are four basic steps that should be followed: Set your objectives [What are you trying to achieve with the campaign?] Determine the measurement criteria [Will this be sales, responses, calls received etc.] Decide on […]

comments 04.08.2010 Paul Shuteyev @ Email Marketing News, Internet Marketing Strategies, Marketing

SMS Marketing 2010 – 5 Golden Rules of Permission Based SMS Marketing

“Email is personal. SMS is more personal.” Although an email reaches the individual directly, is cheap, convenient and fast – this is where the similarities between email and SMS come to an end. Mobile phones do not have “Spam filters”, and as a result, it is virtually impossible for recipients to stop receiving messages – […]

comments 31.05.2010 Paul Shuteyev @ Email Marketing News, Internet Marketing Strategies, Marketing

Top 8 SMS Marketing Tricks and Tips 2010

A text message is typically read within 15 minutes and responded to within 60 minutes. With over 300 million wireless lines in the U.S. alone, mobile marketing’s potential for success has never been greater. But how do you get started and make the most of SMS marketing? Here are some extra important SMS Marketing tips […]

comments 30.04.2010 Paul Shuteyev @ Internet Marketing Strategies, Marketing

SMS Market Statistics 2009 – Know your customer!

* In 2009, U.S. cell phone subscribers sent and received on average 390 text messages per month, compared to making 230 voice calls a month, according to the Mobile Business Statistics. * Between the ages of 12 – 45 will send 60% more text messages than make voice calls. * Currently 1/3 of the world […]