Best Happy Birthday Email and SMS Examples [Update 2023]

    by Ira Byvalkevich


    You can't run birthday campaigns until you actually have customer birthday data. That’s why you need to effectively collect the information about your customers’ dates of birth just like any other email data for effective marketing campaigns.

    Let’s see how to do it right with the help of the best examples of message wishes for birthday.

    For convenient management of emails use email studio. We also have a great mailing list software for managing email lists. Using the emails extractor, you can collect email addresses for sending letters.


    How to create birthday email from company effectively

    You may already be collecting your customers' birthday data when they sign up for your site, events, or other & prepare birthday simple wishes accordingly. If you don't, then surely it's high time to start. People are happy to share their data, including their birthday, if you ask for it. In turn, they anticipate extras; otherwise what’s the point in asking, right? How to set up the data collection seamless & effective and create nice congratulations? Here are some ideas:

    Optimize your website form

    To optimize birthday data collection during the very first customer experience on your website, add the date of birth parameter to the data collection pop-up form. So, that when registering at your resource for the first time, subscribing for a loyalty program or in other cases, the user is able to leave the necessary data altogether

    Come up with a catchy title

    Next, you need to come up with the content ideas for business happy birthday texts. When you have a database, yet you need to first compose the wording prior to campaign launch, either email or SMS.

    The great headline is where you can make any suggestion in your email. Birthday greetings are no exception. Ask yourself: If your customers receive emails from multiple companies on their days, how will you stand out?

    Here are some tips for designing an email header that you can apply to your birthday wishes for customer and stay original:

    • It should be short. The optimal headline is from five to seven words - no need to exceed.

    • Your appeal should sound personalized. Including the pronouns "you", "yours" and customer names makes your message look like a personal letter rather than a regular email message.

    • Diversify the language in the title. Words like surprise, holiday, and special signal that you are sending a birthday message without thinking too much about any commercial aspects.

    • Don't create headlines that could potentially spoil the surprise by revealing it immediately. Short and vague email subject lines only encourage clients to open them and see what's inside.

    Also, keep in mind that there are some marketing tricks to avoid when creating birthday greetings:

    The most important thing to avoid is selling clichés such as "FREE", "OFFER" or mentioning "SALES" This makes your letter look like a regular promotional message rather than a birthday greeting. Also, mail servers can mark your message as spam, and the users – consider it as a cold mailing attempt, which is almost the same.
    sale on birthday example

    A nice plain Happy Birthday email example

    Personalize your greetings

    Even if you set up a planned email blasting, your message should indicate that it comes from a company with a living person behind it, not from a robot. Or sent on behalf of a team/company department. This is also true in cases when you are using email or SMS templates

    In addition, you may also use anniversaries to congratulate customers and initiate emailing. They are also good occasions for launching campaigns. Here’s how Grammarly made it:

    example of happy birthday email

    An originally personalized piece of text wrapped in a branded design - what can be more noticeable? Though simple & short, this email makes a difference among common birthday templates.

    That is why it is important to use email campaigns with built-in email campaign personalization functionality and emails verification option. For example, you may provide much-needed personal contact by referring to your customers by name:

    example of email happy birthday

    A good personalized email sample

    All you need to do is include the variable in the body of the email, which is easy with Atomic Email Sender or similar tools.

    This will make the emails unique to each customer, apart from the main content. By creating multiple templates with personalized fields, you may switch between different employee birthday wishes through mail greetings and suggestions based on specific customers.

    You may come up with extraordinary email templates by using fantasized text ideas or animated designs to make your email even more noticeable. For example:


    Unlikely, recipients who get such messages forget about it, or fail to notice their birthday code.

    To make your work on email campaigns even more effective, we have developed software for email harvester on your computer. Then, using an automatic email bulk sender, you can make mass mailings. When all emails are sent, track them conveniently with the email tracker software.

    Segment your base

    Regularly, your goal is to divide the database by age, gender, interests, purchase history and other criteria that will help you to accurately determine the audience for a particular mailing list.

    Otherwise, you will be wasting money on clients who are not at all interested in your services. You may create a separate segment for those who have birthdays every month, if not every day. Unlikely you have so many loyal clients.

    This is especially true for you if you sell highly specialized goods and services. For example, a message advertising dental implants is unlikely to be of interest to people with birthdays, who do not have dental problems. In this case, the targeting should be even clearer and stricter, and your birthday offers – more individually picked.

    In the case you’re somehow forced to send emails to follow up your birthday people, you may adjust your message in a better way by appropriate wording. For example:

    birthday example

    This might be a nice email example which shows timeless care for the customers. Especially around a special day of the year. Make sure the benefit you offer will not expire by the time the email opens. Besides, it may be a great idea for a bulk sending to those who are segmented as per their birthday months, not exact days.

    In our list of software there are also extractor for phone numbers for collecting phone numbers, whois email lookup to find information about the owner of the email and an email email verification tool for checking the email address, to do it online use verify email online.


    Apply best birthday wishes for customer practices

    Happy birthday, what to write? Perhaps the best thing about birthday campaigns is that they are simple and straightforward. Either business-oriented greeting texts, or wishes for your co-workers, there will be no need to flip through a dictionary or worry about writing beautifully when creating your newsletter.

    Simply, wish your client success or add gratitude. Say happy birthday to coworkers or a client in a way friendly business pals do.


    A typical email template to use in order to congratulate your team

    A witty colleague birthday wish is always better than nothing. A headline with a couple of warm sentences is more than enough to set up your Email via email list manager or an SMS, under a condition that you consider the following points:

    • Say "happy birthday";

    • Add the fewer words you need to get your message across, the better;

    • Make an offer they can't refuse;

    • Include a call to action.

    What's really important is getting the customer to click on the main offer (use gifts). This is a chance to give customers something of real value.

    After all, a birthday is only once a year. Birthday campaigns are perfect for the best deals that won't give your customers a choice to skip them.


    What about SMS?

    Making an effective birthday SMS texting may not be so easy. It would seem that you just need to write a text, add contacts for feedback and send messages on the database. However, if you want to get the most out of your customers and increase conversions, then wording messages should be given special attention.

    In order not to waste time, money and effort, check out the basic requirements for happy birthday to a coworker text messages, as well as examples of SMS mailings that are good to use in order to congratulate your customers well.

      • Write it short

        Too long text, complex wording and over saturation of details make SMS difficult to understand. When you write you need to specify contacts which make it even longer.

        What is the problem with emails that are too long? Obviously, nothing is clear there. Besides, the name of the company sending SMS may often be missing. Most likely, it will be indicated instead of a number, but the user may not notice it. Anyway, the general recommendation is: try to get to the point, add contacts and keep it simple.

        A good example:


      • Mind the word choice

        The lack of clarity is a serious drawback in texting SMS. Using words like "gift" or "surprise" in your birthday texts may not evoke any emotions when you put them straight in congrats SMS. Instead, the users may think that they get spam messages or something else. So, vary and pick some other words carefully, especially if you’re going to add some presents.

        A good example:


      • Contacts for feedback

        Even if you’re sending congrats, do not forget to include the contacts for feedback. And this is the biggest problem. The client will not be able to contact the sender to clarify the details if he/she gets birthday congratulation only, for example. Either a telephone, website or email address should be included. Try not to make this mistake when composing your message.

        A good example:


      • Correct personal correspondence

        When drafting the text, be guided by generally accepted principles of business ethics. Be polite to your prospect. Avoid familiarity, slang, rudeness, and inappropriate humor, etc. Simply, even if you congratulate your colleagues, be polite and effective.

        A good example:


      • Avoid uppercase

        In SMS there is no way to change the font style or select the color of the text. The only way to highlight words is capitalizing them. But you shouldn't get carried away with it. You need to use caps only in extreme cases, when your proposal is really unexpected and interesting.

        A good example:

      • Happy-Birthday-11

        Provide day-in-day congrats

        Of course, your birthday boys & girls will expect an SMS in time. Don't send your newsletters or texts too early. For example, if a birthday is planned for July 15, you should not bother anyone on the day before. It will be uncomfortable to make mistakes here.


        All information about upcoming events like that is very quickly forgotten. It is unlikely that your birthday proposal is so anticipated that the user will keep the memory of it for several months in advance. Moreover, even an SMS one week before the day X is likely to be forgotten.

      • Offer benefits

        Of course, if you are not giving a specific benefit, then there is no point in such a message. You say hello and happy birthday and that’s all. It's not worth reminding yourself once again. After all, when the time for real promotions comes, users will most likely not pay any attention to your message.

        Deliver only the information that may be used right now right here for your birthday people.

        For example:


        Don't forget to create a customer deadline. Specify time limits for the benefit. To encourage the client to take action, add CTA accordingly.

      • Use powerful call to action

        Keep in mind that a simple, short, and clear text message may not make sense if it lacks a powerful call to action. The client must understand what to do with the information received. Form SMS, focusing on getting the target action. So, if you want to receive calls, then write down the phone number. If you expect conversions to the site, then indicate the site address, etc.


        If you are just waiting for new purchases, then leave the store address and special conditions of sale. Wordings like "Hurry up", "Get the last chance", "Call us" here will be effective:

      • Personalize

        Personalization is the key to successful communication. If there is an opportunity to personalize the text or letter, then be sure to do it. A message that begins with a call to a client by name will be read for sure.

        With a much higher probability personalized text will gain a click-through rather than an SMS without any names included. But here you need to be especially careful: you need to correctly use data from the database for mailing. Mistakes are not accepted.

      • Apply SMS targeting

        Using SMS targeting allows you to divide your contact base into groups and send offers exclusively to those who are interested. A birthday group may be a separate segment. This way you won't bore cold or uninterested customers with unnecessary messages. Just like with email database segmentation, it will be effective to separate your birthday SMS receivers, add them to a separate sheet and include special offers for them based on either of the parameters you set up.

        For example, those who have birthdays in December get an extra 20% off for your services in addition to a regular Christmas discount.


    Feel free to send birthday letters or SMS, but do it right. Remember that your goal is to say congrats first, and to offer something instead - second. Do not try to alienate the customer by sending poorly worded messages. Follow the requirements described above, experiment and compare the results to succeed in your next texting campaigns.

    We will help you launch effective text marketing. Setting up advertising campaigns is something we’re keen on. We increase the efficiency of your campaigns by offering great messaging tools. Both your birthday SMS and emails will always be something special and highly anticipated by your customers with our help.

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    Ira Byvalkevich
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