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SMS vs. Email Marketing

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Due to the new marketing trends, it is now very important for the business to choose only effective marketing channels to attract new customers. Which is better: email vs SMS?
It is not easy to answer this question, since each business has its own specifics, certain goals, and strategies. Nevertheless, we will try to help you decide.

Email and text marketing which is better

To choose the right tool for your business, you need to objectively assess all the advantages and disadvantages of email vs text marketing.

The use of email marketing is hype right now. A huge number of businesses use e-mailing

  • to increase ecommerce sales,
  • customer loyalty,
  • and establish communication with consumers of goods and services.


There are even separate vacancies for email and text marketing or email copywriting available on the labor market.

In SMS, you may duplicate all the mechanics of email newsletters: transactional, promotional, informational messages, as well as collecting feedback and returning users using “abandoned cart” mechanics, etc.

What about the email open rate?

Email has great popularity among the marketers as a way to communicate with the customers. According to Litmus research, this channel has a very high ROI: every dollar invested brings 42 back.

21.33% is the average email open rate vs sms for all industries analyzed by MailChimp. Open rates are one of the best ways to tell whether your email strategy is working.

Source: MailChimp

But using email is not always possible: you may simply not have email addresses for your customers, neither may you have a chance to use an email tracker for better results or whatsoever.

Nevertheless, how to communicate with customers without email and what limitations each option has is something that makes sense to consider before completely switching to the short texts only.

SMS open rate

Bulk SMS is no less a popular marketing tool for both offline and online businesses. Sending service messages, informing about the delivery, the availability of goods in the warehouse, notifying about promotions, trade offers, about the performance of services using SMS mailing becomes much faster and more convenient.

  • 90% of messages are read in the first 3 minutes.
  • On average, a person looks at their phone 50 times a day, which increases the chances of seeing your SMS quickly.
  • 98% read SMS, compared to 20% email and 12% Facebook posts.


Source: FinancesOnline

Supermarkets, beauty salons, car dealerships, restaurants, travel agencies and other businesses use messaging to communicate regularly with their customers. All that is possible without any Internet access!

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Text and email marketing pros & cons

Here you will find the top 10 email advantages:

  • Low cost of sending letters on services, payment for traffic, etc.
  • Stimulating conversions to the site by placing email via SMS links in the body of the letter.
  • The ability to send several types of letters to interact with the audience (informational, product, service, advertising, newsletter, return mailing).
  • Submitting useful and fun content retains your readers, and product advertisements motivate them to use your services.
  • Unlimited number of characters in the letter.
  • The ability to add useful content (video, audio, photo) to the letter to engage readers.
  • The ability to design letters in any way to visualize the main message.
  • The ability to add a logo to increase brand awareness.
  • Providing users with the ability to unsubscribe from the mailing list all at once.
  • The Ability to use email address verifier & complete delivery report.
  • Integration with Google Analytics to analyze link clicks and user actions.


With the help of high-quality and regular email distribution, you may build a brand, form brand awareness, position the company’s mission and your own expertise in order to win the most loyal customers.

Also, get 5 major cons to deal with:

  • Only 50% of users check their email and open sales letters every day.
  • The statistics of opening letters depends on the quality of the header and subject line.
  • Since the message is read only when it is opened, and the number of incoming messages is usually quite large, the probability that the user will open your letter is not high enough.
  • The number of attracted customers from email newsletters and the number of clicks to your site depends directly on which channel is used, and the copy quality.
  • In order for the newsletter to be engaging and effective, you need a competent specialist who is well versed in the peculiarities of writing letters in email format.
  • Lack of internet at hand is a flaw.
  • Users do not always check their mail regularly. Since letters have the ability to accumulate, your letter may be deleted occasionally.
  • Spam filters that filter out all suspicious messages.


Email marketing is a great advertising tool to generate sales. Its use helps to build relationships with clients on a trusting level. The alternation of advertising, news and useful materials opens up the prospect for the growth of the popularity of your business.

Bulk messaging continues to be popular as it is a convenient tool for instant communication with customers. Moreover, SMS messaging has many advantages over email marketing. Let’s take a look at them.

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Thus, take your time to discover text vs email campaigns features for business:

  • In most cases, mobile phones are within reach of their owners and are used by a large mass of folks.
  • You don’t need the Internet to read SMS.
  • Instantly view the message immediately after receiving it. The information that you want to communicate to your regular or potential client will be read as soon as possible.
  • Laconism is the best of SMS marketing. In 2-3 sentences, you can profitably describe your service or product and attract a client.
  • In the huge flow of promotional materials that customers receive on a daily basis, this point is especially important in a marketing strategy.
  • Send information, news and service messages for regular interaction with mobile users.
  • Easy to deliver, especially via bulk email sender.
  • No need to prepare templates, develop a corporate style, spend money on design and layout. Prepare your message text and send it.
  • Saves time for business representatives. Sending messages to your entire client base will take no more than 5 minutes, while preparing an email, formatting it and writing high-quality text will take at least an hour.
  • The maximum percentage of message delivery and the presence of a delivery report for each SMS.
  • Increase customer loyalty through targeting the target audience and personalized SMS messaging.
  • Ability to integrate SMS messaging into nearly any kind of software.


There are also about 4 key cons of SMS with email:

  • The text of one message is only 160 characters in Latin and 70 characters in Cyrillic, which does not always provide an opportunity to fully describe the advertising offer. If the number of characters is exceeded, then the cost of SMS increases.
  • Mobile users rarely have a chance to unsubscribe from SMS messaging.
  • No visualization and design, only text, the alpha name of the sender, a link to your website and contacts.
  • Often, mobile users perceive SMS messages as spam and do not open messages.


There are also some options for mobile applications if you have any:

Own mobile application with mobile push notifications. Alas, before communicating with customers, you will have to develop a mobile application or modify it to send push notifications.

On the other hand, the investment will pay off: get a free communication channel with the most loyal customers who have deliberately installed the application on their phone. Both SMS & mails are often backed with setting up push notifications for maximum coverage and use to the customers.

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How to decide email vs text

As you see, there are many pros & cons with text and email marketing. The best option is to combine. Always remember that all the above communication methods may be combined and the most convenient for a particular client can be chosen. This allows you to increase conversions and increase your reach. The more channels you use: SMS, mails, push or instant messengers, the more customers are provided with a convenient channel.

The obvious alternative to email marketing is SMS. In addition to this channel, you may use more advanced and less expensive channels: messengers with and without chat bots, as well as a variety of mobile applications. Cascading email vs mobile vs sms mailings that take into account customer preferences by channel and their cost will help to save budget and increase leads number. Additional channels for communicating with customers are targeted advertising by segment through advertising accounts and web push notifications. These may be your further steps to try within your marketing mix.

The main advantage of these email vs sms marketing cascades is the savings on mailings. You may, for example, not send SMS to the clients who have already received messages in this channel several times, but have not bought anything or pick and segment the most warmed up and the coldest users for the future send outs, etc. there are limitless opportunities that both channels offer you.


Both SMS marketing and emails have their advantages and disadvantages. After analyzing them, you may determine which advertising tool will be more effective for your business.

But we advise you to use these two tools in tandem, as they will complement each other perfectly in your marketing strategy. For example, you may use a free email finder to update the lists, to send your company’s fan content and news to your customers via email, and service alerts and promotional offers via messages.

Try, analyze and improve the interaction with your customers. Feel free to contact us for more information any time!

The foundation of e-marketing is communication with the audience.

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Written by: Ira Byvalkevich