Top 5 Tips on How to Search-Optimize Your Images and Generate Free Traffic

    by Paul Shuteyev
    Image optimization tips. How to search-optimize imageHope you all are doing great! Today I want to discuss some top tips on how to search-optimize your website images and generate free traffic by using these techniques. You may not believe it's possible to get good amount of traffic to your website just because of few images placed and optimized. I got the same thoughts before, and that's why I want to provide you with a introduction-story (the real one). About 3 years ago, the time this blog was just started, I created a blog-post called Does Pope Use E-mail?. As you can see, there is a photo of the Pope. Then I started receiving about 1,000 unique hits from Google Images... I checked my analytics account and was amazed that all these visits are just from 1 image, the Pope image. It wasn't original image, I just copied a random one and optimized it. Now I would like to provide you with Top 5 Tips on How to Search-Optimize Your Images and Make Traffic From Image-Search: 1. ) ALT Text. Always enter ALT texts for all your images. Use right keywords - enter keywords that explain what's in the image, not just related to your website. 2.) Heading Tags and Bold Text. Optimize your  images that are really important by using bold texts or a heading tag with your targeted keyword, just next to your image. 3.) Image Captions. Image captions are as important as ALT texts, try to put your keyword in the beginning of image caption. 4.) Image Size. Size is also important - normal size images are more popular than icons or huge posters. Try to have your image between 150 x 150 and 1000 x 1000 pixels. 5.) Filenames. JPG and GIF images are the best ones for search engines. And don't forget to use a keyword as the name of the image. This top 5 tips on how to search-optimize your images should boost your traffic in weeks!
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    Paul Shuteyev
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