Atomic Email Verifier

Email validity check to improve deliverability

  • Three-level verification process
  • Proxy server support
  • Easy contact import/export
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Atomic Bulk Email Verifier — the best email verification software

Remove nonexistent email addresses to increase email servers’ confidence to your messages

  • The program checks email addresses against standard spelling rules
  • Connect to the SMTP server and check the email address existence on it
  • Domain is verified; in the case of an incorrect domain, the email address will not exist
  • Fast and easy mailing lists import from local files of different formats

Checking the existence of email addresses is simple.

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Atomic Bulk Email Verifier — the best email verification software

Atomic Email Verifier is valid email address checker. It is created to provide users with high-speed checking.

Email address verification is an obligatory part of every campaign. You need to know if they actually lead somewhere. It may be a vital criterion for your campaign success. In fact, the product offers you a full-fledged verification toolkit for your checks that approves syntax, address domains, as well as mail server responses and eliminates bad addresses from any marketing database.

Atomic Email Verifier cleans up your mailing list simultaneously whenever your customers may delete the database or not use addresses, etc. Your list of contacts should always be updated to avoid poor user satisfaction and low campaign scores. If you need to verify email address is valid, this software will suit you the best.

Bulk emailing service provides all the necessary features that improve customer experience by means of your list validation and allows sending only relevant letters to your customers using data from actual users.

If you try our Atomic Mail Verifier you will be surprised by the fact that, unlike other verification software, this verifier uses three levels of verification, which guarantees deep validation and greater results for your most successful marketing campaigns.

How does email verifier work?

Bulk email verification software provides syntax check

The program starts the verification process by marking addresses that don't comply with standard spelling rules. Emails like "" or "kate!@$aol,com" are removed from the list.

After this check via valid email address checker, your mailing list will not contain addresses with typos or those that have been deliberately misspelt.

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Email verification software check existence of the email address domain

If the domain doesn’t exist, neither does the email address. Therefore, the address won’t undergo the final verification level.

If the email is syntactically correct and the domain exists, then it makes sense to check the existence of a specific email address in the domain.

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The last level of email address verification is to analyze mail server response

The program attempts to send a message to the server and handles the response from the server. The response from the recipient’s server determines with great accuracy the validity of the recipient’s email address.

As a result of this effective three- level email verification process, the email validation software allows you to eliminate the maximum number of nonexistent email addresses, as well as prevent the removal of real addresses.

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What clients are saying about Atomic Email Verifier

After searching through the Internet for an email address verifier we found Atomic Mail Verifier, a really perfect software, and we decided to opt for it. Its truly an awesome product.

Wilfred, "Charis Solutions"

The email verifier worked amazing for me! It helped me reduce invalid email addresses by high accuracy! Great software!

Daphne Hew, "Brander Sdn Bhd"

The verifier is awesome and is saving me a lot of time. We are just now seeing the value of e-marketing.....great stuff. Thanks!

Doug Ellenberger

I have tested Atomic Email Verifier, It's good and very helpful to avoid bad and inactive emails. It really works.

Raza Bajwa, "Total IT"

I have used trial version of this software and its quite awesome. its filters all your bad emails address from the bulk. So there will be no spam at all!

Hasan Alisha, "CNET Global Solutions, Inc."


Why is Atomic Mail Verifier better than other email verifiers?

Atomic Mail Verifier is a unique program that checks email addresses for validity. Unlike other email verification software, our email verifier uses three levels of verification to ensure that you will never lose any valid email address.

If you need to verify email address is valid, a bulk emailing service from Atomic Software will be a reliable solution for your email work out with trusted user reviews.

The most accurate verification tools that are available for easy download and usage for the best price on the market may help to increase the chances for your email campaign success and boost confidence in your next email strategy.

When you apply Email Verifier, you make sure your mailing list contains only real addressees with actual contacts which are your potential leads.

How do I get started with Atomic Mail Verifier?

After you load your mailing list or paste in email addresses for validation, our bulk email verifier begins to verify the addresses. All addresses are checked in multithread mode to speed up the entire process.

What is email syntax check?

The verifier marks invalid addresses such as, kate!@$aol,com, mark99)@(, etc.

What is email domain check?

Our email verifier software checks the availability of the domain: i. e., it marks valid addresses like or, and marks nonexistent domains as invalid.

What is the last step in the email verification?

The email address verifier tries to establish an SMTP connection with the mail server and tests the addresses. Please make sure Port 25 is open.

When and which verification steps should I use?

If you have a huge mailing list with hundreds of thousands of addresses, then you only need to run the first two steps, because checking each address on its mail server takes time. This type of mailing list verification usually removes one-third of all "bad" addresses. If your mailing list has several thousand email addresses, then you may complete all the steps of verification. Using all three steps guarantees the removal of most nonexistent or invalid addresses.

Is Atomic Email Verifier compatible with the other Atomic products?

Atomic Email Verifier is fully integrated with other Atomic e-marketing tools. This means you can collect email addresses using our email extractors (like Atomic Email Hunter), transfer gathered emails to AMV to remove obsolete addresses, and then use our bulk emailer, Atomic Mail Sender , to send mass mail. Optionally,, Atomic Subscription Manager can automatically manage your mailing list and track all subscriptions and unsubscriptions.