Atomic Email Verifier

Email validity check to improve deliverability

  • Three-level verification process
  • Proxy server support
  • Easy contact import/export
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Atomic Email Verifier Features to Validate Mailing Lists

  • Three-level validity check
    Email Verifier can verify email addresses on your mailing list in three steps. This way of checking addresses supplies the most effective results. Each step can be used separately, or as part of a single verification.
    There are three pre-set verification steps:
    • Syntax check: email addresses are checked for correspondence to the RFC registration.
    • Domain check: all domains are checked for existence. If a domain does not exist, the email address with that domain also does not exist.
    • Email address check: the last step for full verification. The program searches for a domain's SMTP server, and checks for user existence. This step is only possible if you have port 25 open.

With this effective three-step verification, Atomic Mail Verifier allows you to weed out the maximum number of nonexistent email addresses, as well as prevent the removal of those that are truly valid.
In this way, you can specify optimal operation depending on your mailing list size and computer features. 

  • Advanced validation
    Atomic Mail Verifier supports two types of validation: standard and advanced.
    Select the type you need in "Common Settings/SMTP/Type of validation".
    Standard validation uses the standard algorithm for email address verification. 

    Advanced validation is an effective algorithm for multiple domains. In the filter settings, specify those domains you want to check with this algorithm. This means that you need to insert a list of domains to which you want to apply advanced validation.
    The usage of advanced validation significantly improves the quality of email address verification. But in any case, there can be no 100% correct email verification because the software relies on responses of the receiving SMTP servers and they sometimes block verification attempts or give incorrect replies.
  • Domain rules
    You can set the rules you need for any existing domains. Just select a domain and specify a rule for it.
    What is a rule? In practice, it is a kind of default status for the selected domains. 
    Available rules include:
    • Always "Correct"
    • Always "Incorrect"
    • Always "Missed"
    • Always "Unchecked"

Please notice that a new rule must be added before running a check. Then verification of domains with specified rules will be properly marked, and the log will contain information about filter usage.
Adding filter rules provides the user with a good opportunity to control the verification process and set necessary domain rules for email address filtering.

  • Expanded email address statuses
    Expanded email address statuses supply more accurate verification results. It is not just about finding out if the email address exists or does not exist, but displaying its real condition.
    Atomic Mail Verifier, for example, indicates the connection error or nonexistence of an email address on an existing domain.

    This allows users to know the exact condition of each and every email address on their mailing list, and also offers the opportunity to save email addresses with the necessary status only, or to check nonexistent addresses one more time.
  • Mailing list import
    Atomic Mail Verifier allows you to load mailing lists from your clipboard, from *.doc, *.docx, *.txt, *.xls, and *.xlsx files, or from Outlook Address Book.
    Full integration with other Atomic programs allows you to run Atomic Lead ExtractorAtomic Newsgroup Explorer, and Atomic WHOIS Explorer simltaneously, and directly import the list of extracted addresses to Atomic Mail Verifier.
  • Export functions
    You can save verified email addresses to MS Office (Word, Excel), Open Office (Writer, Calc), a text file, or to your clipboard. The newly generated document will contain existing email addresses only.
    To export all kinds of email addresses (correct, incorrect, and unchecked) to a different file format, use Export Wizard. A new document containing column names and statuses (if required) will be created.

    Atomic Mail Verifier supports the transfer of quickly verified email addresses to Atomic Mail Sender and Atomic List Manager online services without storing data in intermediate files.
  • Full integration with other Atomic products
    Atomic Mail Verifier allows full use of your list of extracted and managed email addresses with the help of other Atomic products. The program detects the file format automatically on its opening. Atomic Mail Verifier also supports the transfer of quickly verified email addresses to Atomic Mail Sender without storing data in intermediate files.