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7 Marketing Tips to Stay Modern in 2012


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7_sevenHi guys, hope you’re doing great! We all have already calculated our marketing results for year 2011, and now it’s time to sum our experience and detect what we should focus on in 2012 to stay modern. I’ve prepared 7 marketing tips that will help you to determine your marketing goals and methods for 2012. Let’s start.

What you should focus on in 2012:

1 SMS marketing. In the end of 2011, during the holiday season, sms marketing was one of the best marketing methods, sms advertising boosted sales a lot. Keep this in mind and use sms deliveries for lucrative offers.

2 Mobile marketing. Going mobile is a good idea for 2012 – people made a lot of sales using mobile devices in 2011. QR codes and custom-mobile-shops generated a lot of sales too. Maybe it’s time to make your products and services easy-2-reach from mobile devices?

3 Subscriptions. Subscriptions are becoming the most popular purchase method nowadays because of few big pluses – it’s cheaper, and you can stop the subscription if you don’t need a product or service anymore. On the other hand this makes bigger revenues for the seller. Looks like a win-win situation.

4 Triggered mailings. Triggered emails showed great results in 2011 and you should definitely pay attention to them in 2012. Send emails on first registration, on purchases, on celebrations and holidays, on achievements. Always personalize. Make your recipients feel important and treat them right – do not overload them with your mailings.

5 Video marketing. Never dies, really. Ranks in search engines, stays in memory for a long time – pluses only. Period.

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6 Giveaways and contests. Just like a video marketing – works every time. Just one comment – be careful with contests and giveaways you run using social networks – many of them do not allow to publish contests and giveaways, and this may lead to the account termination. Especially this is connected with Facebook, see their Terms of Service for more info.

7 Press releases. Cornerstone of the content marketing – press releases are more powerful than articles, because of trusted websites they are published on. Press releases are good for SEO and notifications.

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Written by: Paul Shuteyev

I am an internet-marketing specialist.