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Getting Leads in 2012 – Tips and List of Lead Generators

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lead-generatorHi guys,

Hope you’re doing great! We all know how leads are important – this is one of the most precious things in E-marketing. You should respect leads, as this is your key to mass sales. Today I would like to provide you with 6 lead generation tips and a list of lead generators. Hope this helps! I will keep it short and easy-2-follow.

Lead generation tips:

1. Understand what your ‘perfect’ prospects want, and provide them with that
Find out what kind of info are interesting to your prospects, what do they need to make a purchase. This is the info you should use as your lead generator.
2. Offer something that is highly related to your product or service
Your offer should be connected with your product or service – make it easy to see how your product solves exact problems.
3. Offer something that helps prospects make a purchase decision
Make it easy to make a purchase decision – use visual materials such as how-to videos, charts, tips-n-tricks materials, etc.
4. Don’t sound like everyone else
Be creative and don’t copy your competitives’ ideas.
5. Make your lead magnets easy to go viral
You can double or even tripple your lead amount by making your lead generators easy to go viral. Make it eaasy to share – socialize your lead generators, and offer a reason to share it – i.e. a bonus.
6. Play big
Focus on creating value for your prospects – launch win-win lead generators only. Do not waste your time and prospects’ time on non-converting lead generators.
Win-Win lead generators:

  • Email Series

  • Membership

  • Free reports

  • Coupons and offers

  • Podcast

  • Creative forms

  • Loyalty programs

  • Bonuses

  • Free education

  • Limited-time free trial

  • Demos

  • Online seminar/webinar

  • RSS feed

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Written by: Paul Shuteyev

I am an internet-marketing specialist.