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4 Steps to Optimize Email’s Call-2-Action. Tricks included!

number-4-fourHi guys! Email marketing is email marketing, but it’s nothing without a good call-2-action, which is a core element of each and every mailing campaign. Let’s see 4 main aspects of call-2-action element – Design, Colors, Placement and Metrics. Few words about each of them + advice :) Enjoy!
Design. Large or small? Picture or a link? Maybe a button? Doesn’t matter as long as it fits your design and looks familiar to your website visitors. They should feel comfortable and think of your website or brand when they notice a call-2-action. Make the call-2-action look comfortable and you will increase the click-throughs. Sometimes a built-in 2-3 field forms convert better than just buttons.
Colors. Be carefull with colors – red is a catchy one, but many people will not press the red button as it associates with a cancel or deny function. For business call-2-action the best colors are blue, orange, yellow.
Placement. Don’t put your call-2-action to the end of the email. The idea is the following – your call-2-action should be placed near the info or feature list, so the recipient see both information and call-2-action. This is a trick that makes your recipients think of a free choice – info/features or action. Upper positions are better than in the end of the email. Right upper side is a good place for call-2-action too.
Metrics. Pay attention to conversion rate – awesome click-through results mean nothing if the conversion rate decreased.
4 Steps to Optimize Email’s Call-2-Action. Tricks included!
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Responses (2) on "4 Steps to Optimize Email’s Call-2-Action. Tricks included!"

  1. Hi,

    I iam using all 3 atomic programs. Verifier, hunter and mail sender. Hunter the best ! But question :
    If email list is found through Atomic Email Hunter, it means that it is emails without peoples permission. And it is like SPAM.. So, it is still legal to send for peoples ? Thanks for the answer !

    • Hi,

      Thanks for choosing our software! Actually there’s nothing illegal in contacting such people. CAN-SPAM Act says you can contact those who haven’t gave their permission (subscribed) as long as you follow few main rules:

      1. You include unsubscribe link, and really remove person if unsubscribed.
      2. You include your contact information – company name, address, name, phones
      3. You may also include a text that your mailing has advertising purposes and you find that person’s email on the web.

      The main problem is that senders do not monitor those who have unsubscribed and keep mailing them. That’s a reason of spam. Atomic Subscription Manager can easily solve this problem.