4 Steps to Optimize Email’s Call-2-Action. Tricks included!

    by Paul Shuteyev
    number-4-fourHi guys! Email marketing is email marketing, but it's nothing without a good call-2-action, which is a core element of each and every mailing campaign. Let's see 4 main aspects of call-2-action element - Design, Colors, Placement and Metrics. Few words about each of them + advice :) Enjoy!
    Design. Large or small? Picture or a link? Maybe a button? Doesn't matter as long as it fits your design and looks familiar to your website visitors. They should feel comfortable and think of your website or brand when they notice a call-2-action. Make the call-2-action look comfortable and you will increase the click-throughs. Sometimes a built-in 2-3 field forms convert better than just buttons.
    Colors. Be carefull with colors - red is a catchy one, but many people will not press the red button as it associates with a cancel or deny function. For business call-2-action the best colors are blue, orange, yellow.
    Placement. Don't put your call-2-action to the end of the email. The idea is the following - your call-2-action should be placed near the info or feature list, so the recipient see both information and call-2-action. This is a trick that makes your recipients think of a free choice - info/features or action. Upper positions are better than in the end of the email. Right upper side is a good place for call-2-action too.
    Metrics. Pay attention to conversion rate - awesome click-through results mean nothing if the conversion rate decreased.
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    Paul Shuteyev
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