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    Email newsletter: How to remind about the important without being annoying

    The majority of marketers have problems with when and how to send reminders. To make the things clear I found out for you all the details on: what is email reminder, remind e-newsletters mistakes, how to create gentle email reminders, the frequency of sending such newsletters.

    Unsubscribe link: To Be or Not to Be

    Unfortunately, sometimes clicking the subscribe button is inevitable. And if this has already happened, and you need to make the process simpler and more comfortable, read on how to improve your unsubscribe from the mailing list with us.

    What should we do if Atomic Email Hunter extracts few email addresses by keywords?

    Sometimes, the search of Email Hunter extracts an insufficient amount of addresses by keywords. In this case, you should work on the efficiency of the program and configure advanced settings. Let’s consider a few ways to improve the search and save your time. Skip domains You will agree that there is no sense to continue the search on the pages of the one domain if the program finds no email address after exploring through 50 or more pages. It only wastes the program resources and your time. That’s why Atomic Email Hunter has an opportunity to skip such poor domains. […]

    Find and Collect email addresses effectively with 7 tips from Atomic Team

    Some people think that if they want to build email database, they just need to buy email extractor, launch it and click “Extract” button. But the case is that the program need to be customized according to your needs. Atomic Emai Hunter settings designed to help you to extract email addresses quick as well as to build targeted email database. Here are 7 tips you should know about how to make the search more efficient.   1. URL Search You can simply type any valid URL in the search bar and click Enter to begin. Email Hunter will start searching […]

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    4 key things you should know about email extraction

    Extracting email addresses from the Internet is the first thing you think of when it comes to searching for potential customers. However, the absence of reconciliation between the theory and the practice of extraction works out poor results. I would like to take you through the key features you should pay attention to after downloading the email address extractor.  With the usage of Atomic Email Hunter, you can collect numerous contacts from different webpages using keywords specific to your business or a list of target sites.   Localize the search and narrow it down to your country. There are 42 […]

    4 Less-Known But Extremely Useful Email List-Building Tips

    Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! We all know how email lists are important, bigger’s better plus quality over quantity. But anyway, the bigger your email list is the more chances you have to optimize it and make it even bigger and better. I would like to provide you with 4 tips on how to add more subscribers to your precious email list. Let’s start! 1. Social logins Social login can be the way of access to your product or service. Social logins are extremely useful because of two main features – social logins allow to easily register/enter, and also […]

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