Email Marketing Best Practices

Every business has its own unique features and should adjust its email marketing strategy accordingly. Nevertheless, there are standard practices that should be implemented by most, if not all, email marketers for better email campaign performance and results. Our blog helps you stay up-to-date with the best practices of email marketing that matter today.

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How to build a profitable online store from scratch


Look through several ideas to help you build a store online, segment your audience & launch your sendings, so that to make money faster. These are free tips that make it convert. Try, experiment, and make sure to find a way that works for your store best of all.

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Why do you need interactive email

interactive mails

One of the ways to preserve the effectiveness of your campaigns is interactive mailings. How? – By adding games, tests, various contests, gifs to the email templates instead of traditional pictures or photos that improve performance up to 10 times! Discover more.

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Unsubscribe link: To Be or Not to Be

unsubscribe link email

Unfortunately, sometimes clicking the subscribe button is inevitable. And if this has already happened, and you need to make the process simpler and more comfortable, read on how to improve your unsubscribe from the mailing list with us.

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5 Email Templates That Top Brands Use

Email Template

Sometimes you haven’t the inspiration for creating an email newsletter and you don’t know where to bring it. We help you with this. Companies like Macy’s, Netflix, and Airbnb have introduced unique business email templates to run customer feedback surveys, and they have improved their business turnovers multi-fold. Read the article to view the inspirational email newsletter example to create own successful email marketing campaign.

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Top 9 Mobile Email Marketing Techniques – Reach Mobile Users with Your Email Newsletter

Hi guys! Hope you’re doing really well! I would like to discuss some basic Mobile Email Marketing techniques with you. Nowadays mobile email marketing is growing extremely fast, it went up 35% last year  in the United States – and now we have a chance to expand our email marketing campaigns to a growing quantity […]