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    Email Marketing Best Practices

    5 Easy Tips on Engaging Your Email Subscribers

    Hey  guys, Hope you’re doing great! As we all know large companies have marketing departments that are capable of boosting all marketing activities, including an email marketing. This article is for small and medium businesses that can’t afford a separate department but still want to dominate email marketing. If you’re among them, then these 5 tips on subscriber engagement are right for you. These tips are good to start with if you plan to develop your email campaigns and make your corporate style better. Let’s start! 1. Have a subscription form on every page. Some websites have subscription forms on […]

    Reminder Letter for Inactive Subscribers – 5 Rules, 3 Ideas

    Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! We all have inactive subscribers on our lists. There’s nothing bad about it and you still have 2 options – leave them alone or re-engage and have them back on your list (I mean the active part of the list). Just like in a real life, sometimes it’s hard to start a conversation with a person you haven’t talked to for a long time, and email marketing conversation starts with a Subject Line and the email message. That’s why I would like to provide you with few tips on how to create a reminder […]

    5 Easy Steps to Email Campaign Segmentation

    Segmentation means success in email marketing. The more relevant your content is the higher feedback you get (Open-rates, CTR). But how to determine what relevant content is? Sure it depends on the niche, but I want to provide you with the 5 easy steps to email campaign segmentation that work for each and every niche. Please enjoy! 1. Review your data. You need to be sure the data you have can help, as it’s a great mistake to segment your campaign by faulty information. Be sure you have right data on gender, age, etc. These basic data is extremely important. […]

    4 Tips on How to Keep Your Email Subscribers Engaged

    Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! Getting a lot of good subscribers is half of the success, the other half depends on how you can engage them from month to month. Sure you need to have a subscriber-oriented content and good delivery rates. What I’m talking about below is how to make your subscribers “wait” for your mailings. Please enjoy! State what’s coming in the next mailing. Always announce your future mailings in your current campaign. Subscribers love to be updated properly. This increases open rates and click-through rates. Whether you will have a product-update mailing or special techniques on […]

    Structure of Welcome Emails

    Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! Today I would like to talk about Welcome Emails. Such emails effect the first impression, so it’s really important to make friends with the subscribers from the very first email. In your first welcome email, tell about your company, its history, and its vision. Also let your subscriber know what they will be receiving from you via email, and how often. In your second email, offer a free white paper, a discount, or a free trial to foster a good relationship and qualify the subscriber as a possible sales lead in the future. In […]

    4 Quick Tips to Email Subject-Line Optimization

    Hey Guys, Hope you’re doing great! We all know that a subject line is one of the key factors that “push” a recipient to open your email marketing message. On the one hand email subject line should be very informative and not misleading, on the other – you should follow some tricks that works best and increase an open-rate. I would like to provide you with 4 quick tips to email subject-line optimization – this will increase your open rates! Please enjoy. 1. Avoid Spam-Words. Spam words are still a popular spam-filtering method nowadays. Avoid using words SEX, VIDEO, FREE, […]

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