Email newsletter: How to remind about the important without being annoying

    by Anastasia Sukhareva

    email reminder newsletter

    I hate annoying e-letters! Especially when it comes from the e-stores. Like a borrower haunts his debtor, reminders follow my inbox each week.


    These are two possible options: or I’m extremely “lucky” to meet the newbies in email marketing, or the majority have problems with when and how to send reminders.


    To make the things clear I found out for you all the details on:


    What is a reminder email newsletter

    Do you remember how much emails you receive after the last registration for an event? For example, like this one from BuzzSumo:

    Webinar reminder

    It is a kind of email newsletter, aimed to remind about the important date or event and encourage people to do the necessary action.

    For example:


    • buy,
    • subscribe,
    • register,
    • add an event to the calendar,
    • continue subscription,
    • make a regular payment, etc.

    The essential goal of the mail reminders in Digital Marketing is to retain the client.


    The majority of such emails are sent automatically after some action done on the website by a user, so we can call them a kind of trigger emails. But there could be exceptions.


    Actually, they are good for:


    • reminding about the email subscription, a short statement about how you got people email address: Subscribtion Email Reminder
    • policy updates:
      Privacy Policy Update reminder
    • customers or your website visitors to take advantage of a new offer, the ending of a sale, cart abandonment reminders:
      Cart Abandoned Reminder
    • an upcoming event, date reminder, invitation:
      Upcoming Event Email Reminder
    • payments and deadlines notifications, subscription start:
      Acces Email Reminder

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    Typical mistakes in the email reminders in Digital Marketing

    Misleading or non-personalized subject line:

    1. Unnecessary information that distracts. I prefer to read clear email copy without any paragraphs of the useless text about the company history, duplication of information from the main site, additional offer, etc.
      Subject Line of the Email Reminder
    2. Don’t mix content types as J.Crew did it in this newsletter with the reminder and the sale offer: Email Reminder tewmplate
    3. Sending emails with the machine gun frequency. Sometimes it seems that the aim of some companies to make their subscribers drown in the flow of reminders about an important event, and they'll do everything possible to be noticed in the inbox.

    How to create gentle and effective email reminders. Best templates analysis

    Subject line tips for an email reminder on how to be noticed in the inbox

    • Litmus says that question-based titles work quite good for the peoples’ eye. Try to use this tip in the next mass mailing campaign subject line!
      Usually, email topics with the question like “are you ready” + |event name| or |discount size| have quite good open rates.
    • Mention your company, store, event name to make the offer clear from the first look.
    • Add the urgency. For example, ____ is selling out! or Starting tomorrow! ______
    • Keep it simple: |сompany, event name| + |Starting date|
    • |Word “reminder”| + |command| + |сompany, event name| is a good subject line combination. The first part informs readers of the purpose and the second one encourages them to open the email.

    Add personalization, mind common email subject line requirements and enjoy high Open Rates as Biteable team did:

    Email Reminder Personalization

    What do I like in this email?

    The title of this email reminder contains company name, the urgency of the offer in the title encourages the reader to do the immediate action.


    Content and Design lifehacks from the best email reminder samples

    Besides the traditional tips to make effective email reminders you have to keep in mind the next requirements:


    • To set a friendly tone of your email start it with the personalization touch. People love when someone mentions their name, so start with the subscribers' list segmentation.
      Email Reminders Personalization

      What do I like in this email?
      Personally for me, simplicity is real perfection. Confirmation e-letter from the Publican Anker looks clear and highly personalized: it contains the recipient’s name and his order info (place and data).
    • Keep the email copy short and simple. A single paragraph providing clear data works miracles. Just add the data, time, place (if it is an offline event, add a map), and avoid unnecessary text.
    • It is a good practice to insert the “ADD TO CALENDAR” link of the upcoming event date in the newsletter. Thus email recipients can schedule their time. Add to calendar llink in emailFollowing the MarketingProfs example you can create the “ADD TO CALENDAR” link in the kalinka.tardate service: Add to calendar link toolor in the service: Add to calendar link tool
    • Remember the gold email marketing rule: 1 message - 1 goal - 1 CTA and don’t mix message types even if it seems quite good for the follow-up strategy. It is so easy to lose customer loyalty in pursuit of high sales coefficients.
    • Mention why you are emailing the reader. Just as easy for girls to forget about the New Year's promise of a three-day workout in the gym, just as fast, email readers forget about their email subscription and mark your email as spam. Following the Launching Next example it is better to add a short paragraph to the newsletter about how did you get permission to send emails: Reminder block in the Email body
    • Focus people attention on the main information with the help of design: place it in the center of the email body as Legacybox does it by keeping the promo code front and center: Email Reminder Design Tips

    How often should you send email reminders?

    What would you feel if you received 40 emails from the same company about the upcoming event? It isn’t a nightmare, but a real case from the SurveyMonkey’s practice.


    Statistics says that the best timing for sending reminders is between 48 hours and 72 hours after the initial email.

    Moreover, there should be a limit to the number of emails after the 1-st newsletter. SurveyMonkey research found out the next email reminders frequency Response Rate effectivity:

    Email Reminder Stats

    Thus, these survey results say that:


    4 rounds are the maximum number of emails to remind about the important without being annoying.

    Anyway, you should take into account the specifics of your audience.

    Hope this article would be useful for you. And now you are ready to update your email reminders strategy with the Atomic Email Studio − the best software for sending mass mailing campaigns.

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    Anastasia Sukhareva
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