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    What should we do if Atomic Email Hunter extracts few email addresses by keywords?

    by Daria Ivanishina
    Sometimes, the search of Email Hunter extracts an insufficient amount of addresses by keywords. In this case, you should work on the efficiency of the program and configure advanced settings. Let’s consider a few ways to improve the search and save your time. Skip domains You will agree that there is no sense to continue the search on the pages of the one domain if the program finds no email address after exploring through 50 or more pages. It only wastes the program resources and your time. That's why Atomic Email Hunter has an opportunity to skip such poor domains. The option is not active by default and you need to activate it. Go to 'Settings/Common settings/Advanced', choose 'Skip whole domain when no item was found on XXX pages' and then specify the maximum number of domain's pages to search for email addresses. Besides, there are additional and more specific advanced options ('Settings/Common settings/Advanced') that will help to improve the email address extraction with Atomic Hunter. Our company cares about its customers, so we decided to conduct a study in order to find the most effective ways to find email addresses that will not take much time. We used the search by keywords "riding school London". We selected "skip whole domain when no item was found on 20 pages" and got the following results:
    skip-domains skip-domains2
    Such a process has taken enough time (4 hours) and found 1185 contacts.   Choose the search type You are able to choose and determine the search type for Atomic Email Hunter. This option influences the speed of hunting and number of collected addresses. "Fast search" works faster but extracts fewer e-mails from pages. "Detailed search" works slower but collects more e-mails. And do not forget to set the timeout between requests to one domain. It is necessary and helpful feature because some servers may reject the program's requests. So, if Atomic Email Hunter sent too many requests and too frequent, the servers can bounce it. We have pointed out the timeout between requests to one domain from 5 to 5 seconds and got the following result:
    search-type search-type2
    When searching in this way, it was spent 3 hours and 22 minutes, but more addresses were found - 2852.   Ignore hidden email It is quite an important program feature because hidden emails are usually placed as spam traps. And if you send any of your emails to such a hidden address, your sender email address will be blacklisted immediately. Usually hidden emails are placed in   <div style='visibility: hidden;'>EMAIL</div>   tags and Atomic Email Hunter can determine such tags and ignore the inside email address. For example, Atomic Email Hunter will ignore this code and inner email address: <div style='visibility: hidden;'> <br /><br /> <p> SpamBot Email Trap <a href="mailto:listme@blacklist.woody.ch">listme@blacklist.woody.ch</a> </p> </div> This option is not active by default, but we recommend you to activate it for not to turn into a spammer. Go to 'Settings/Common settings/Advanced' and tick the checkbox 'Ignore hidden emails'. Atomic Email Hunter will detect and ignore all the hidden addresses it found in the html source.
    ignore-hidden ignore-hidden2
    In the process of studying, we have left all previous settings, and added, "ignore hidden emails". The search took 2 hours and 43 minutes and found 3002 addresses.   Specify the hunting limitations If you do not define the hunting limitation Atomic Email Hunter will search through the entered URL and all its subdomains. Like when you get emails from Craigslist.com having it set to current and subfolders it will then get emails from Craigslist.com and subfolders like NewYork.Craigslist.com. But, let's say, you want to get emails from yellowpages.com. The yellowpages.com itself will not probably give you any large amount of emails. And you know that it got a lot of URLs to the companies listed at yellowpages.com. In this particular case set Atomic Email Hunter to "All links" to get emails both from yellowpages.com and external links. In order not to get far away from yellowpages.com set "Never crawl more than" from 1 to 3 pages from the same site.
    hunting-limitations1 hunting-limitations2
    For our study, we have retained the previous settings and added "Never crawl more than 3 pages from the same site." The result can be called "express search", because he took only 21 minutes and brought 294 contacts.   JavaScript First of all you should understand that Atomic Email Hunter works with html source and extracts email addresses directly from the html-code. But not from the text you see after loading the page. Atomic Email Hunter may skip some email addresses because webmasters may hide them using JavaScript. By default the program does not parse Java scripts, that's why it will not find and extract such addresses as "me@example.com" and "myCCaddress@example.com" within the code like function sendMail() { var link = "mailto:me@example.com" + "?cc=myCCaddress@example.com" + "&subject=" + escape("This is my subject") + "&body=" + escape(document.getElementById('myText').value) ; window.location.href = link; } You cannot see and identify JavaScript right on the web-page because it's a programming language. So it is available to see only in html mode. To open html in your web-browser do a right click on the page and select View page source. For making Atomic Email Hunter capable of processing JavaScript you need to activate the feature. Go to 'Settings/Common settings/Advanced' and tick the checkbox 'Parse JavaScript'. Now Atomic Email Hunter will extract more email addresses. However, be sure you really need it, because the program work-speed will be reduced.
    javascript hunting-limitations2
    Leaving all settings the same and adding "parse javascript», we conducted a search which took 29 minutes and found 353 contacts. UPDATE 2017 Replacing symbols Sometimes people like to cheat and hide their contact emails from email extractors. They write email addresses using the replacing symbols instead of ‘DOT’ and ‘AT’ characters. Guess you have seen emails like ‘kate[at]website.com’ or ‘john@gmail[dot]com’. Not ordinary syntax, isn’t it? Atomic Email Hunter can recognize and collect such kind of emails along with ordinary email addresses. If you go to ‘Settings – Common Settings - Misc’ you will find the lists of replacing symbols for these two characters. You can add a new symbol if you find some when surfing the Internet. By default, Email Hunter extracts emails with replacing symbols. The more symbols the program knows the more email addresses it crawls. javascript Based on our study, we can conclude that method №3 «Ignore hidden email» is the most effective, but it isn’t fast enough. Although, 3 hours it isn’t much for a good database, which provides Atomic Email Hunter. All that you need - to set the settings, and then the program will do everything itself.   As you can see, the program Atomic Email Hunter has many settings that focus on the needs of users. It can work faster, find hidden contacts and ignore the unpromising domains. All these features of the program work on improving the search of e-mail addresses. P.S. Please note that this article is about searching by keywords. The search from the site is unique and will be described in another article.
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    Daria Ivanishina
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