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    Latest news, current events, and much more from the field of marketing.


    How smart is your e-mail marketing campaign?

    If you do not know what email marketing metrics analytics is, then you are welcome! Read the article and find out how to make your newsletter 50% better.

    Pop-up window: How to sell with its help

    Pop-up ads or the so-called pop-ups are forms of online advertising on the Internet, which are often used in digital marketing. How to make a successful pop up ad may be quite a breathtaking experience. So, discover more about pop-up types & how to apply them so that to increase conversion.

    The problem of image-based newsletters: Cool but Spammy

    Image-only emails are rather risky. But why a majority of the brands ignore this fact? Just look in your inbox. Are they so brave sending such newsletters or maybe they use some secret knowledge, hidden from the ordinary email marketer? Well, it could be until today, because we are going to analyze all the pros and cons of using the image-based newsletters in business.

    Top 12 Email Marketing Tutorials That Really Help

    Do you want to start your own business, but don’t know how to make your email campaign successful? Or you have made email advertising but have no feedback. Don’t worry! We have good news for you. Catch the moment and read the list of the most useful and important articles, that will help you to improve your communication with the clients. Are you ready? GO!

    How to Choose Mass Mailing Software and Not to Waste Money. Infographics

    How to choose an effective tool for mail parsing & mass mailing when there is no one to help you with the nuances? Explore the infographics on the top criteria for choosing your ideal mailing solution with us right away!

    How to Write a Sales Message: 3 Important Tips

    How to write the right promo-message and avoid mistakes? We’ve collected some sales writing tips in this article that will help experienced and novice marketers to improve sales message. We analyzed how to write a headline, body text, and call to action. Read to learn how to attract attention, show product benefits and sell.

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