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    7 Ways to Find Leads That You Are Ashamed Not to Know

    Lead generation is an integral element of your lead management, a marketing tactic aimed at finding potential customers with specific contact information. Actively used in the consumer sector, and focused on strict target groups, it’s an effective tool for potential customer search.

    Digital Marketing Webinars That You Can’t Skip

    We prepare a list of new and effective webinars, so you are able to improve your skills. Let’s start together!

    How to find emails: Best email scraping practices 2020

    The email list is the ground of an email campaign. Collecting email addresses isn’t a simple task for both newcomers and professionals. Finding emails becomes harder each day. In this article, we’ve collected the best tips for searching for email addresses. Read the article and collect emails without any problems!

    Email + SMS: Double kill to increase sales

    Do you use email or SMS marketing, but the results are not good enough? And what if you combine several marketing chanels in one campaign? Read the article and find out how to use omnichanel marketing properly!

    The best online courses and webinars on digital marketing 2020

    Permanent development, getting new knowledge and improving the skills is the key to professional success. So, Atomic team have decided to share the selection of the best online courses and webinars on digital marketing with you. Read about them, choose the ones you like, and become more powerful specialist.

    The Most Working Email Marketing Tips. Infographic

    Here is step-by-step guidance for you: our new mass mailing infographic. It will help you to start and improve the effectiveness of your mass mailing campaign. We put all the 18 years experience we’ve got while developing tools for email marketing. This infographic is useful for beginners as well as for digital marketing profi. Enjoy!

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