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    How to Choose Mass Mailing Software and Not to Waste Money. Infographics

    by Ira Byvalkevich


    Trying out something new is always risky. In email marketing, you never know how many leads your new idea may bring. However, the right tool helps you build a strategy that will increase your chances of success to the utmost.

    Before you choose an effective mailing tool

    How to choose an effective tool for mass mailing when there is no one to help you with the nuances? A developer of email marketing software might tell you the secrets of choosing a reliable program for mass mailing. Nevertheless, in order not to be mistaken with the choice, it is worth considering a few basic points before choosing your ideal solution even for a non-starter or non-professional in software development.

    • Set SMART goals

    Decide on the goals you are pursuing with email marketing. For example, to increase brand awareness, to tell about the opening of an online store, notify about new offers and products, or increase sales, etc.  Clear & measurable, your goals will help in choosing the right tool, as well.

    • List specific tasks 

    For example, to collect a database of contacts, check out recipient addresses for existence, start an email campaign, etc. Then - decide on the functions of the program that are necessary for empowering them. In a nutshell, get everything prepared for applying software.

    • Think about the processes to  simplify

    So, when you’ve picked your ideal mailing tool, it’s high time to think about the particular mailing processes to simplify & optimize. This can be an automatic personalization, checking the message for spam, HTML templates, etc. You may also compose a perfect cold letter text with the right tool to simplify your work & improve results.

    Top Criteria for Choosing Your Mailing Software

    Your choice may depend on a range of requirements. However, to make your choices even better there is a checklist of basic criteria you should keep in mind for choosing the best tool from a variety of similar instruments available on the market.

    Mail Parser Choosing Criteria

    Apply our infographics as your quick mass mailing software choosing guide 

    1. Compatibility

    It’s better to choose solutions that are compatible with the other popular software and run on popular operating systems, both web and mobile.

    The program may be installed on the computer. Therefore, before buying, you need to make sure that it will be compatible with your operating system, as well as available for web work only. If both – perfect.

    2. Working with SMTP servers

    Connecting an SMTP server allows you to send messages without any restrictions. Even a million mailing will not cause any difficulties for the program if SMTP is selected correctly.

    Some programs have an alternative function of sending from IP, which is to use an Internet connection, without an SMTP. It is important to remember that the deliverability of such mailings is lower; the letters take longer and are often blocked by providers.

    3. Personalized newsletters available

    It is much more pleasant to receive a letter in which a company addresses a client by name rather than an impersonal one: “Hello!”. Therefore, the function of setting up automatic personalization is necessary when working with an email marketing program. What’s more important is making up awesome cold letters is possible with a personalization option on.

    4. Spin-text function

    If you want your newsletter to receive a high Open Rate, then it must be unique for each client. If your mailing list consists of 10 addresses, then it will not be difficult to write each individual letter.

    But what if your database has more than 10,000 contacts and you need to launch a bulk messaging campaign? For this, the best programs have a function of automatic text substitution - spin-text. You create a group of words (variables) and specify a place in the text for their substitution. Inserting spin text allows you to make your message more personalized quicker. 

    Thanks to this feature, you also avoid spam filters, which block emails with the dubbed content.

    5. Unsubscribe option

    The "Unsubscribe from the mailing list" option is a must too.  Loss of customer confidence, damaged brand reputation, spam, domain blocking by the provider – not a good prospect, right? It happens not just because you implement email marketing. To avoid negative scenarios, you should simply add a small unsubscribe line to your footer. If you don't like this word, rephrase it. For example "Don't receive useful news anymore." or "Unsubscribe from news, etc".

    6. Spam check

    You can write a perfect letter, come up with catchy headlines, design, but it all goes unnoticed. How come? The reason lies in the stop spam words the most spam filters are sensitive to. Your task is to carefully check out the text of the letter for their presence and fix it if they’re found. 

    In order not to waste time searching for all existing stop words, some programs have added a function to automatically check the finished email message. So, use spam checkers offered by top mailing services.

    7. HTML editor

    As practice shows, not all marketers know HTML layout basics or web design ABCs. In this case, creating a letter turns into a real nightmare. Even if you don’t have a technical background, for the ultimate convenience of work, professional services and programs add a simple and user-friendly visual editor. Come up with awesome designs of the mailing list due to their help.

    8. Variety of templates available

    Another great solution to seek. Most email campaigns are prepared in advance: design, copy, layout, but sometimes express mailings happen. Time is short, and you cannot just write on the spot. The solution is ready-made templates. Pick any of them and apply them in your next campaign.

    9. Mailing statistics

    Your Email campaign analysis and viewing mailing statistics all in one is something you need to consider while choosing a perfect mailing solution. The point is that to improve future campaigns, you need to understand the failures of previous ones. 

    The mailing analysis function will help with this. With its help, you will see how many letters got into the inbox, how many are open, the number of clicks on links, and other metrics that you just live without. 

    10. Affordable price

    The last but not the least criterion is always the price. This is a criterion that becomes terminal for many smart marketers. But, in order not to be mistaken, it is worth relying on the functions of the program first, and comparing the prices then, to make a final and the right decision.


    Once you’ve come across all of the above criteria in a single platform, consider it to be your ideal mailing solution! Choose the right one to work on your email marketing campaigns fruitfully and take the maximum results for both your expertise and the business's success. 

    Don't neglect market opportunities to expand your customer base with mailing solutions. Take our advice and go ahead and choose your email search tool. Ask for a bit of professional advice from Atomic email specialists in no time! Choose Atomic Email Sender as an ideal mailing solution that meets all criteria at once.


    Written by:
    Ira Byvalkevich
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