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10 Email Marketing Tips – Stay Up-to-Date and White-Hat in 2013

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top 10 tips email marketingHey guys,

Hope you’re doing great! Year 2013 has started and we all are waiting for new email marketing trends, techniques and 2012’s statistics. But it’s important to keep in mind best old techniques that worked good and will work good for a long time – I would like to provide you with email marketing tips that are still actual and need to be used in your campaigns. Let’s start, and let this year be the great year for all email marketers!

1. Proper and obvious links.

Links are traffic-gates to your website. Make sure your links are visible, and have enough space around for touch-screen users. The best practice is to have many links to make sure those links are obvious to the recipient.

2. Less images

Images are good attention-catchers, but don’t forget many users do not see your images or have them blocked. Never have all call-2-action or all important info in images. Long story short – use images sparingly, rely on html to enhance the look of your email and never use an image to convey a critical or important message.

3. Make it super easy to unsubscribe.

This is how email marketers earn respect – good content and clear emails. That’s why it’s so important to make it easy to unsubscribe – one-click-unsubscription is a good practice. Also, make sure you unsubscribe link is visible, not hidden. Sure, don’t put it right after the Title, but also don’t hide it. End of the email is still a good place for a link.

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4. Respect Anti-Spam rules and tips

Always, always follow anti-spam rules and tips – never let yourself do lil’ black-hat tricks and never forget about possible consequences. Once you are marked as spammer there’s no way out, or it’s extremely hard. Stay white-hat and happy :)

5. Maximize template’s dimensions

You don’t have much space to show off your great idea or offer your product/service. Maximize the template’s dimensions so you can have all the info visible without a scroll. Design for what your email will look like in a 600×200 pixel space without images loaded! How it looks in those dimensions with that restriction is how most of recipients will see your message – also it’s good to have at least on link in first 100 pixels of height.

6. Stay laconic

Always keep your texts short and easy to understand – it’s all about seconds when it comes to email reading. You don’t have much time to catch recipient’s attention, so it’s good to have clear and short sentences and offers.

7. Do care about your email list

Always remove users who have unsubscribed previously. Never use suspicious email lists (bought or rented), better build or create your own. Respect your recipients and they will respect you back.

8. Use Alternative texts, Titles and Image-links

There’s always a chance your email can be viewed in an old browser or email client where no images can be viewed, and so on. That’s why it’s necessary to maximize the marketing part of your design – use alternative texts that are as catchy as your images, use proper image-titles and put correct links in your images.

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9. Test before send

Always test your email template and your message before sending your email out. Test template on different browsers, computers, screen-resolutions, etc. Provide your friends or colleagues with your email copy so they can proof-read it or advise some changes.

10. Have a text-version attached

Always have a text-version of your email attached to your email. This is a critical moment for all the recipients with old mobile phones, or any other non-computer devices.

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Written by: Paul Shuteyev

I am an internet-marketing specialist.