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4 Less-Known But Extremely Useful Email List-Building Tips

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surprised womanHey guys,

Hope you’re doing great! We all know how email lists are important, bigger’s better plus quality over quantity. But anyway, the bigger your email list is the more chances you have to optimize it and make it even bigger and better. I would like to provide you with 4 tips on how to add more subscribers to your precious email list. Let’s start!

1. Social logins

Social login can be the way of access to your product or service. Social logins are extremely useful because of two main features – social logins allow to easily register/enter, and also they provide product/service holder with the user’s email address, which you can add to your email list.

2. Use social media channels

It’s a rude mistake when email subscription form is at the website only. People spend more time in social networks than surfing websites. Use your fan-pages and social-network messaging to invite more people to join your list.

3. Use applications

Again, social media and social networks are good because of their flexibility – different apps can ease marketer’s life. There are many applications that allow content-access after the easy subscription or few-step registration – this is the best way you can increase product’s value and get the maximum benefit of locked content.

4. SMS and QR Codes

Last, but not least email list building tip for today. This is the trend! Allow SMS and QR Code subscriptions, as these are not usual “enter-your-email” forms, but something new and different. You can hide subscription field under the QR Core or ask to text EMAILME to 12345 to subscribe. Use your imagination and grow your list! :)

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Written by: Paul Shuteyev

I am an internet-marketing specialist.