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Does Pope use e-mail?

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Email Pope Benedict XVI

The email address of Pope Benedict XVI is is unlikely you will receive a personal response if you send an email to the pope, but the Holy See does read, collect and route all mail. The Pope possibly has another private email address inside the Vatican.


Pope John Paul II, the First Pope of the Internet Age

When Karol Józef Wojtyla became Pope John Paul II in 1978, email was still in its infancy. The first email had been written seven years ago, but barely a handful of people knew computer networks existed at all.

Yet, John Paul II became the first email-savvy pontiff in history.

In late 2001, the pope reportedly apologized for injustices committed by the Roman Catholic Church in Oceania via email. Of course, the Holy Father would have preferred to visit the Pacific nations and deliver his words of penitence in person, but email was the second-best choice.

What was John Paul II’s Email Address?

Pope John Paul II’s email address was

Does Pope use e-mail?
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Responses (15) on "Does Pope use e-mail?"

  1. I will email him now 😉

  2. mattiailbello

    interesting! i think that is a pope develop technologically!!

  3. that’s nice to read! but, does he really read his mails or some other staff does it for him?

  4. I can’t really imagine him rushing to his computer to check his emails, but I’m sure there’s no reason why he wouldn’t use it.

  5. is it real? i still dont believe a pope can be email savvy

  6. Such a modern Pope :)

  7. Sure he uses! It’s a Pope!

  8. We’re livin in a 21st century. Pope uses everything, I guess.

  9. Cool:) You could say it blew my mind! :)

  10. Did some receive a reply from the email address of the pope?

  11. am proud to be a catholic

  12. Interesting I never thought about whether or not the pope could get email. Being Catholic this is great. Not that i have a reason to be emailing the Pope but it’s nice to know i can. I wonder what kind of emails he does get?

  13. Thanks for sharing.