Email Marketing Statistics 2011 – Why Email Marketing is Better than SEO

    by Paul Shuteyev
    Email Marketing Statistics 2010-2011

    Email Marketing Statistics 2010-2011

    Hey guys, As the year 2010 passed and business year 2011 have just started it is time to discuss some new Email Marketing statistics. I will keep it short and nice, showing exact facts and numbers. Let's start, hope you will enjoy this. According to Econsultancy survey in early 2011, 72% of respondents answered that Return-of-Investment (ROI) of their email marketing campaigns is excellent or really good, and only Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technologies scored better. Also 39.4% of marketing industry executives called Email Marketing the most powerful advertising channel for their business (according to Datran Media's 2010 Annual Marketing and Media Survey). It's not hard to figure it out that all these facts are really really positive, and they show that Email Marketing niche is not going to stop growing. But let's see more statistics, this time money and investment related. According to survey organized by BtoB Magazine in January 2011, 63% of respondents would like to increase spending on email marketing in 2011, and 29% of respondents are going to try keeping spend constant. And the most interesting fact is - according to 2011 Digital Marketing Outlook Survey from the Society of Digital Agencies, 70% (!) of brand marketers planned to make investments in email marketing niche in 2011. Hope this will help you to analyze the email marketing niche in 2011 by comparing these results with your own statistics. Have a nice day!
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