TOP 15 Internet Marketing Predictions for 2012

    by Paul Shuteyev
    15Hey guys, Hope you're doing great!  As we all know internet marketing and world wide web are developing so fast these days and we can never know what kind of techniques will drive conversions next year or which niche will be the most profitable next year. Today I want to provide you with TOP 15 internet marketing predictions for 2012  I found over the web and compiled them here. Please see the list and share your thoughts!
    1. Marketing automation 2.0 will arrive, ushering in mature software and increasing enterprise adoption
    2. Customers and employees will become an extended part of companies' marketing teams
    3. Social Personalization will be on the rise
    4. "Likes" will intersect with multimedia
    5. Location-based marketing will grow, and certain customer use cases will shift predominantly to mobile
    6. The discount economy will grow even larger
    7. Social media ads will become a significant part of the advertising mix
    8. Social networks will become a more significant source of organic search traffic and a greater influencer of SERPs
    9.  Google antitrust will continue to be a thorny issue (Google+?)
    10. Focus on social media ROI will be top of mind
    11. Virtual teams will become more common
    12. Facebook will advance social commerce and give Amazon a run for its money
    13. Less-Spam SEO techniques among individuals
    14. Deeper Email and Social media marketing integration, bulk social media mailings
    15. Rise of mobile SEO
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    Paul Shuteyev
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