What is an email marketing autoresponder?

    by Irina Podorvan


    Most of us have an automatic email responder on our landline and mobile phones. But few people have such a function configured for bulk email alongside email hunter or email verifier. In this case this is not just a user notification that the letter has been received, it is also a great way to promote your service, product, website, etc. This time using an automated email responder for email marketing is an issue in question. 

    What are email autoresponders used for?

    Usually, the autoresponder for email is activated when the subscriber does not respond for a long time or is unavailable. The sender receives an offer to leave a small voice message during the calls, but in emails, sent emails are automatically sent to the addressee and announced to the sender as not responding.

    An email autoresponder is an automatic generation of replies (auto responder emails)

     to incoming email messages by a mail server. As a rule, an automated reply is used in situations where you cannot quickly respond to a person's letter.

    The first step is to set a goal that you want to achieve through a series of emails. Involve new subscribers in the life of the company? Turn leads into buyers? Return the interest of cooled down subscribers? Or notify them of your drop outs? Once the goal is clear, think about what information you need to know about subscribers in order to achieve this goal.

    So, for example, if you're going on vacation or just won't be able to check your email for a while, set up an auto-reply in your email. Then the people who sent you letters will automatically receive a notification that you are not yet available.

    Autoresponders in email marketing

    For example, what if someone sends you multiple number of emails from promotion orotehr marketing reasons (your abandoned cart emails, etc.), in most cases they will only get an automatic reply to the first ones. Repeated auto-replies set up automated can be sent in the following cases:

    • If someone texts you again four days later and the email responder is still on, your mail will remind that person again of your absence.
    • If you changed the auto answer settings when it was already enabled, the feature will restart. Therefore, those who have already written to you and received the first auto-reply, having sent you a second letter, will again receive an auto-reply notification.
    • If you're using Gmail for your organization or buisness, you can choose whether to send auto-reply messages to everyone or just people in your organization.

    Note that email auto-responder does not respond to mailing lists and letters identified as Spam.

    Setting auto replies with the mailing services or directly in the mailers you prefer will allow you to automate the mailing campaigns to the fullest.

    Here you will see all the triggers we talked about. After selecting the desired trigger, you will need to fill in the sending criteria, such as the name of the series, the day the sending starts, etc. You can also set time intervals or specific hours at which emails will be sent. It is possible to adjust the sending of the letter to the time zone in which the subscriber is located.

    Once you click "Create an auto responder", the real fun begins. The trigger series setup page for an email marketer is like a canvas for an artist. Enjoy creating automatic mailings: add, edit and delete emails and "forks" based on certain conditions and other factors depending on the services you use.

    Click add after the first trigger and set the next step. You can set a time delay or choose to send immediately both for triggers in emails and when certain conditions are met. When adding an email to a thread, you can choose any pre-made template from our gallery and customize it to suit your needs. If desired, you can configure the sending conditions separately for each letter in the chain and so much more!

    Some use cases of email autoresponder

    In this case, learn how to set up an email with autoresponder for e-mail both on your server (VPS, dedicated, etc.) and on mail servers. Take what you need and put it into practice.

    Google mail also has the ability to turn on an autoresponder, but unlike Yandex and mail.ru, gmail settings are much simpler, etc.

    If you need to notify your colleagues or clients about a vacation, or automatically confirm receipt of a letter, then you can use the "Autoresponders" function.The function will allow you to create a letter with text that will be automatically sent from your mailbox at a certain period of time.

    Let's go to Gmail. At the top right, click on the "Settings" link. On the page that opens, turn on and fill in the item "Autoresponder". Here you can check the box for sending messages only to contacts from your address book. By the way, responder emails to the same recipient will be sent every four days, which is very convenient.

    That's all, but it’s also recommended turning on the responder if you cannot answer letters during the day, you are going on vacation, etc. Or set up filters so that the same user receives an autoresponder message once a day, even if he writes to you several times. Imagine how many such messages they will receive if you correspond with them on some issue. By the way, gmail does not have this jamb by default.

    What are the advantages of email autoresponders?

    What is autoresponder in email marketing and what’s the use? Automated mailings are useful, like any other automation. They help to get rid of the routine: for example, once you set up an autoresponder, you will not need to manually send a welcome message or thank you for each subscription or notification on the credit card required, etc. The system will do it for you.

    The second plus of an autoresponder is that it’s timeliness. If you have thought well when the subscriber should receive this or that letter (for example, 2 months after the purchase in your online store), then that is when he will receive it. The autoresponder will not forget to send a letter and will not be distracted by extraneous matters - the campaign will work the way you want.

    Also, with the help of an autoresponder tool, you can solve a lot of other marketing tasks. For example, the user took advantage of the offer and downloaded the material you offer, such as a book. You are interested in his opinion. Just create an auto-reply with a landing page builder that will come to the subscribers about a week after the target action. In the letter, you can ask if they liked the book, any questions, additions, and comments, and ask them to send you a review. Also, using auto-reply, you can offer the subscriber to buy your other book or any other product, etc.

    Why you need autoresponder emails for your marketing campaign

    What is an autoresponder? In fact, an autoresponder is also an automatic e-mail mailing campaign that allows you to increase the time of contact with potential clients, build their trust in the seller, and lead them to purchase a product or service. A series of targeted emails created with automatic responder email marketing is created, target buyers subscribe to the newsletter, new subscribers are most often attracted with the help of contextual advertising.

    To put it simply and in your own words, an autoresponder is an email campaign with web push notifications that is sent with reference to a specific user action (event): registering an account, making a purchase in an online store, subscribing to a newsletter, etc.

    The answering machine does not work immediately, but does according to your settings, or rather maybe right away, but in the case that you need a sequence of emails. You can set any values for sending your auto-response, in accordance with your marketing tasks - in a minute, 2 hours, 24 hours, 1 day, emails per month after performing a specific user action, etc.

    Thus, email marketing automation with the help of auto-replies is an incredibly useful tool for building relationships with subscribers, increasing conversion rates, and growing revenue. What's more, automation is easy to set up and saves you time while significantly increasing your revenue. Remember, if you lead your subscribers down a thoughtful and interesting path for them, they are more likely to show interest and become your loyal customers.

    Wrapping up

    Your business will move further with email marketing automation: as practice shows, automated emails are opened more often and bring more profit than regular emails. Why is an automatic mailing program so helpful but should be backed up with auto-replies? What is an email autoresponder? Because it allows entrepreneurs to send timely, personalized, and more relevant messages to their audiences and never get them lost is the reason why you should apply free autoresponder tools and many other useful resources to automate our emails.

     If an email marketing automation involves the automatic sending of mailing lists by the program depending on the trigger event and a certain time that you set up in advance, a wisely set time for auto-responses will allow you to stay tuned in and have the clients connected despite the emergency dropouts like vacations, absences and so on. Just think of that!

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