93 Best Valentine’s Day Email Subject Lines

    by Anny Roman


    Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and you know what that means: love is in the air! If you're planning on sending out a message to your customers or fans on February 14, don't forget to make it special. Valentine's Day email subject lines have been known to inspire romance, and they can also help generate some business.

    Valentine’s Day is a big holiday for retailers: with $17 billion in sales and over 45% of those sales happening in the last two weeks leading up to the holiday, it’s no wonder that marketers are looking for new ways to engage their customers. Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. But many marketers have overlooked the power of Valentine's Day email marketing subject lines in helping them achieve higher open rates on their special holiday email campaign.

    Here are some tips and examples that help you create the perfect Valentine Day subject lines for your next marketing campaign.

    General Happy Valentine's Day Subject Lines

    For some types of businesses and their customers, excessive creativity can be unacceptable. These general Valentine's Day email subject lines will help you use the holiday to your advantage and not ruin your relationship with your customers with inappropriate flirtations.

    • Have a lovely Valentine's Day.
    • Have a happy Valentine's Day.
    • All Our Love, this Valentine's Day.
    • Happy Hearts Day!
    • Happy Cupid Day!
    • Wishing you Love and Happiness on Valentine's Day.
    • Happy Valentine's Day from [Your Company]!
    • We love being your [Your Product] provider.
    • Let us make Valentine's Day special for you.
    • Valentine's Day is one week away!
    • Valentine's Day is right around the corner!
    • [Your Brand Name] hopes you have a Happy Valentine's Day
    • Show your special someone how much you care with gifts from [Company name].

    Valentine's Day Headlines Examples Mention Sales

    Special offers are what attract customers who are looking for gifts for their loved ones. Be straightforward, state your discounts in the subject line of your email.

    • Get up to 50% off Valentine's Day Gifts!
    • More than 50% off for Valentine's Day!
    • Save up to 55% on select Valentine's Day gifts!
    • Happy Valentine's! Here's 15% off your next purchase!
    • Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Our Deal is just for you!
    • Valentine's Day Seals the Deal for These Sweet Savings
    • We've gone heart-shaped crazy — enjoy these sweet savings on all things love <3
    • Show them you love 'em with these sweet savings! Happy Valentine's Day!
    • Chocolate is sweet, but our deals are sweeter
    • Sweet deals for the sweetest day of the year!
    • Take 15% off our entire site just because we <3 you.

    Valentine's Day Subject Lines With Emojis

    Emojis are fun but don't overuse them. They can be used to add a bit of humor to your Valentine's Day headlines. Make sure that the emojis you use are appropriate for the audience you are targeting.

    • Happy Valentine's Day ?
    • Show your love on Valentine's Day ?
    • Love is in the [insert romantic adjective] air ?
    • We have the perfect gift to say «I love you!» ?
    • We'll make sure you're loved ?❤️?
    • ? Surprise her this Valentine's Day with a gift she'll love ?
    • ? It's never too early to start thinking about V-day!
    • ❤️ We've got what you need for the most romantic day of the year!
    • ❤ Valentine's Day specials ? – get in before they expire!
    • Roses are ?, violets are ?, we have a discount for you to save ?!
    • Hey Cutie ❤️, Don’t Miss This Special Deal!

    Valentine's Day Email Headlines Examples Mentioning Free Shipping

    Free shipping is tempting. People like to save money. If that's your advantage on Valentine's Day, why not mention it in the headline? Here are some examples of how you can do it.

    • We're spreading the love with free shipping.
    • The gift of laughter + free shipping = a great Valentine's Day.
    • Try something new this Valentine’s Day! FREE 2-day shipping.
    • Free 2-day shipping for the one you love
    • In the mood for love? So are we! Save big on Valentine's Day gifts and enjoy free shipping.
    • Nothing says I Love You more than our Free Shipping!


    Last Minute Valentine's Day Subject Lines

    Many people mention the holiday at the very last moment… Take care of those who missed everything and get the benefits.

    • Last chance to pick out the perfect Valentine's gift!
    • One week left until Valentine's Day! Order by [date] to get it on time!
    • It’s never too late to impress your sweetheart with a romantic gift from [Your Company].
    • Last chance to say «I Love You» in time for Valentine's Day!
    • Last chance to get what you LOVE! — Valentine's Day Sale Ending Thursday!
    • Love is like a butterfly – it only lives for one day. So hurry up and buy [Your Product]

    Cute Subject Lines For Valentine's Day

    Cute subject lines for Valentine's Day look friendly and don't stray too far. Try one of our options if you want to please your customers.

    • Love is in the Air… and in Our Store!
    • Enjoy a little love this weekend.
    • Give the gift of love this February 14th!
    • Flowers? Chocolates? Nope — we have something better.
    • Hey, it’s Valentine's Day…and we thought of you!
    • You're our Cutie-Pie Valentine! Look what we prepare for you!
    • Special offer for our Valentine!

    Funny Valentine's Day Subject Lines

    Funny Valentine's Day subject lines attract attention and sound intriguing. But make sure your audience is ready for the jokes, or you may not get the result you're hoping for.

    • Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, we've got an un-bee-lievable deal for you!
    • Going «V» for Valentines — It's all about you.
    • Just because it is V-Day doesn’t mean we don’t love you all year ‘round.
    • Are you a last-minute Lothario?
    • Don't be shy, get your Valentine's gifts early
    • Cupid is busy… make Valentine's Day easy!

    Catchy Valentine’s Day Subject Lines

    Sure, you can use just neutral or happy Valentine's Day subject lines, but if you find a way to hook your audience starting with the headline, you'll definitely succeed.

    • Looking for a unique Valentine's Day gift? We've got you covered.
    • [Your Company] has a crush on you.
    • Let us help you decide where to take him or her this Valentine's Day!
    • It's not too soon to start thinking about February 14th.
    • Valentine’s Day deals, you can’t resist.
    • We have something special for your loved ones.
    • Say it with a gift card this Valentine's Day!
    • Have a heart-to-heart conversation with your inbox.


    Romantic Happy Valentine's Day Subject Lines

    Tell your customers how much you love them and how you care about them on this romantic day.

    • Love is in the air. Celebrate it with us!
    • Love comes in many forms, and you can celebrate it with us this Valentine's Day!
    • Get ready to show them how much they mean to you this February 14th!
    • Your heart will sing with our Valentine’s Day Special.
    • Sending you love this Valentine's Day.
    • Happy Day of Love.
    • Love is in the air… and inboxes.
    • Sending you a little love today.
    • Send your lover on Valentine's Day the gift he deserves!

    Creative Valentine’s Day Subject Lines For Newsletters

    Do you want to get maximum attention? Be creative and use atypical Valentine's Day email headlines. Just make sure it doesn't offend any of your customers first.

    • How will you say «I love you» this year?
    • Happy Galentine's Day!
    • Your truest love is our Valentine’s Day Sale!
    • The only thing redder than Valentine’s Day flowers is our prices!
    • Date night in? We've got you covered!
    • Wanna chill? Chill out this Valentine's Day with [Your Company].
    • Love is in the air. And so is our coupon!
    • If cupid missed his mark, we can help you get back on track!
    • Let's jump on the love bandwagon!

    Personalized Valentine’s Day Subject Lines

    Personalization is what increases open rates for your emails. In fact, you can personalize almost any example we gave you. However, here are the best options you can use right now.

    • A little V-Day love for you, [Name].
    • [Name], we just can’t stop thinking about you today.
    • Oh, [Name]… Happy Valentine’s Day!
    • [Name], don't forget to use my Valentine's Day discount!
    • Treat yourself this Valentine's Day, [Name]!
    • Here's a little something extra for you this Valentine's Day, [Name].
    • [Name], don't miss out on the Valentine's Day sale!

    Valentine’s Day Email Subject Line Tips

    Sending out a Valentine's Day email campaign is just the beginning of your holiday marketing plan. You can use this as an opportunity to promote your brand and get customers engaged with your business. With these tips on writing a winning subject line for your next V-Day campaign, you'll be sure to get results from your efforts:

    1. Share your love. It's Valentine's Day, so show your customers how much you care about them!
    2. Be playful. Use a pun. Use a play on words. Make sure the humor is appropriate for your audience. Use an emoji to convey your message's tone, as well as its meaning.
    3. Be clever, but don't be cloying. You don't want to oversell it. And you definitely don't want to use all caps. Don't be too long or short, either; the perfect subject line will strike a balance between being descriptive enough to pique their interest while still keeping things brief and sweet.
    4. Use the right words to get your message across and avoid clichés. Be creative, but don't get too clever. You want your email subject lines to stand out without being confusing or difficult to understand at first glance.
    5. Make sure you're not making a mistake by using ALL CAPS in your subject line. When it comes to email subject lines, there are many things you can do wrong. But one of the most common mistakes is using all caps in your subject line. Why is this? The answer is simple: it's hard for people to read and understand what you're saying when all of your words are capitalized!
    6. Plan your email campaigns. Decide on the best time to send your email.
    7. Don't forget about mobile users. They make up a large portion of your customers, so make sure you consider their needs when sending out emails about Valentine's Day offers

    What To Do Next For Your Valentine’s Day Email Marketing

    So you've prepared for your holiday email campaign. You've done your research, you've chosen the best email subject lines for Valentine's Day, and you've crafted the perfect holiday email that will bring customers to you. What are the next steps?

    Mass emailing by hand is very tedious. In addition, it's a pointless waste of time, because today there are many automation tools for marketers, including one-click emailing. Use our mass email sender and see how easy and fast holiday emails can be.

    Atomic Mail Sender is a powerful and affordable tool, ready to get started right now! You still have time to launch your newsletter in time for Valentine's Day, so download our software and go for it.

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