Christmas email: How often should you send it?

    by Serge


    Email is what everyone is talking about, and the topic becomes even more timely when a holiday season approaches. Today we will talk about the most effective frequency for sending letters during the holiday season. This factor tends to increase, and newsletters are sent much more frequently. This Christmas season is expected to be the most profitable since the financial crisis, with a predicted sales growth of 2% over the previous year. However, if your newsletter frequency suddenly increases, it will not go unnoticed. This can cause you to be considered a spammer, and your unsubscribe rate will also increase. Consumers do not appreciate dramatic changes. However, there are some techniques that will prevent you from annoying your subscribers and help you to avoid being branded a spammer. Segment your subscribers list You need to segment your subscribers and set a sending frequency for each segment.
    • Active subscribers are your most loyal audience. They are most likely to respond to your actions.
    • New subscribers
    Select a frequency for each segment We don’t recommend increasing the sending frequency for your entire list, as many email marketers do. For those subscribers who haven’t engaged for a long time, there is no sense in increasing frequency, as they do not expect this and will likely mark you as spam. Your most loyal subscribers are unlikely to mark you as spam, so you can increase your sending frequency along with rewarding them with some promotions unavailable for other subscribers. New subscribers tend to respond to short-term offers, such as an offer of the day or gift suggestions. Inactive subscribers reduce your email metrics, especially with an email frequency increase. We suggest you segment your subscribers in a manner similar to this one:
    • Active subscribers receive ¾ of your holiday mailings
    • New subscribers receive ½ of your holiday mailings
    • Inactive subscribers receive ¼ of your holiday mailings
    You should identify corresponding content for each segment. Ask if your subscribers want to opt in If you want to increase email frequency, why not ask your subscribers’ opinion? This will help to set expectations, and you can adjust email frequency depending on the information you gather. Create an opt-in form to gather this information and to get your subscribers’ permission. Make a constant testing and define an ideal frequency for your clients.
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