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    Advice for effective B2B email marketing

    by Serge

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    Hey guys, Are there any B2B representatives reading this blog? Today we will talk about tips to improve email marketing for the B2B sphere. Email marketing has proved to be the most effective marketing tool out there. But depending on the quality of an email marketing strategy, it can either grow a business or destroy its reputation.   So let’s review some advice that gets B2B email marketing to work:
    • A clear target is a must
    When starting a B2B email marketing campaign, you have to understand why you are doing it. Possible variants of targets: • To prevent service cases • To provide information about new products • To increase the intensity of product usage • To provide informational support after a sale
    • Content must be extremely helpful
    It is not enough to provide relevant information. Your content must be applicable to the specific sphere you are writing for. Provide specific articles, resources, or advice that can be applied 100% in practice among your clients. Implement this advice in the form of a dialogue. Extend conversation by engaging prospects, getting their opinions by means of an email marketing campaign. Keep in mind that this information must be up-to-date. It is more effective to send short industry updates rather than quarterly reports on the state of the industry.
    • Personalize to keep customers focused
    The main goal here is not just sending specific message to each client, but to find some distinctive features that may be helpful for a specific segment. You can differentiate your customers by region, products they are using, etc.
    • Pay attention to the sending time
    Keep in mind that B2B newsletters differ from B2C newsletters. You have to find the right frequency in order to keep your customers focused, while avoiding annoying them. Everything depends on your audience, so there is no universal advice here. We advise you to start sending once a month, and update the sending frequency based on your customers behavior. And remember that most people don’t read newsletters about construction, production, and so on and so forth in the evening, when they are trying to rest. Activate your readers It’s important to understand that active readers do not appear from nowhere; likewise, simply sending B2B newsletters is just not enough to engage with your readers. Use various checklists, surveys, and feedback forms to stimulate subscribers’ activity.
    • Test new content
    Constant testing of each email element is a mandatory requirement for a successful campaign. Use A\B split testing to define the most effective variant of your email content. Control open rates and click-through rates in order to use this information to increase engagement with your customers.
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