5 Tips on Mobile Email Optimization

    by Paul Shuteyev
    mobile-emailHey Guys, Hope you're doing great! We all know that most of emails sent are opened on mobile devices, and smartphones are still the biggest part of all mobile devices. Don't forget that smartphone is "just" a phone and you need to keep this in mind when you prepare and send your emails. I've compiled 5 tips on how to optimize email campaigns for mobile devices. Please enjoy! KISS! Keep It Simple, Stupid. This means you should make subject lines short, easy-to-understand and interesting. Test it a lot. Never stop testing new mobile platforms and browsers. You need to be sure your email is readable on any mobile device or any mobile screen. It's bad when subscribers need to resize or scroll your email to find useful information. Make links visible and easy-2-click. It's hard to tap the link on a small screen, that's why it's so important to set links apart from text and make them easy to click on. Sharpen your call-to-action! You rarely have full attention of a recipient - especially when it's about mobile emails - that's why your offer must be extremely targeted and crystal-clear. Provide your mobile recipients with benefits and exact steps they must take. It's still about timing. Find out when your subscribers use mobile devices and set the right timing for your mobile email campaigns.
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    Paul Shuteyev
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