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    In our previous blog posts we talked in details about quality content as the main key to high conversion. Beyond all doubt it is the most important factor influencing the conversion. For some of you this might be a secret, but there is one more key factor defining successful conversions. To succeed in email marketing it is vital to understand that a well-designed letter will prevent from getting to SPAM folder, generate more clicks and as a result will bring you more customers.

    Though this fact seems to be quite obvious, but a perfect email design is a pretty rare phenomenon today. But it is not because it is very hard to create a perfect email design. It is because online marketers do not want to spend some time to make a research and to learn some relative information. The good news is that there are pretty simply and yet very effective steps to make a perfect letter design and more effective and engaging letter campaigns.

    Define your goals

    You might have already noticed that every aspect of marketing starts from this step. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Defining your goals is the step that will send you to an email marketing journey. If you spend some time to define your objectives, design will be much easier to define as well.


    Investigate particular qualities

    Email is like a mirror of your business and it must reflect the tone of your brand. You have to spend much time to match colors of your email with your corporate identity. Your corporate colors, fonts and logos should play in the same team with an email campaign. Don’t forget not to paste a text copied from Word is it can negatively influence the email code.

    Remember the width of your email must NOT exceed 600 px. You will kill your conversion if you force your recipients to scroll from side to side when viewing an email.


    Use images to make impact

    Use images to boost your email value. The main thing is the correct positioning. Various studies have shown that images attract reader’s eyes more strongly than the text. Thus position images on the left side so that it is the first thing that people see.


    Place the text on the right side and if readers are attracted by an image they will continue reading a headline and another text. Assuming that many recipients disable images consider placing the text so that it would speak for itself. Headlines and other text play crucial role here, so avoid embedding critical content in images.

    Try to avoid background images layered with text. Many of the email clients don’t support background images.


    Consider the text

    Your headline must be irresistible and draw reader’s attention to email. Paragraphs in the text must contain 3 lines on average since it eases visual perception and more mobile friendly.


    The font size mustn’t exceed 24 pixels because it can take too much of email space. Perfect font size for body is 14 px and title is minimum 22 px to provide a decent readability on mobile phones. And endeavor to use web-safe standard fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, Tahoma, Verdana and others.


    Overpowering call-to-action

    We have discussed more than once the significance of well-formed call-to-action. First of all keep them high at the very top part of your email. Highlight it in larger fonts to be viewable on mobile devices. Everything in your CTA must make people want to click on them. And don’t forget to repeat them. One CTA should at the top and the other one should be at the bottom. Don’t force your subscribers from bottom to top searching for a clickable button.


    Check before sending

    Double check your copy for spelling and grammar and share it with someone to get their opinions about an email before the sending. Double check all links to make sure that they work correctly both on laptops and mobile devices.

    You should always remember that no matter what, at all times, people pay most attention to visually appealing things. That means, quality email design comes first. If you are not sure how to make your email template look astonishingly cool, you might remember that it's our specialty. You can check out our downloadable html email templates or order custom ones.

    With numerous emails getting to recipients inboxes it is vital to pay most attention to email design. Use these tips to improve your email campaigns and check the rise of conversions.

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