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5 Tips on How to Use Colors in Email Marketing

pencilsHey guys,

Hope you’re doing great! We all know how important email design is – it°s one of the most important elements of lead capturing. So in other words – your email campaign is likely to be more successful if the email message contains the good message, good design and the right colors. I would like to provide you with 5 tips on how to use colors in email marketing campaigns to make your call-2-action more visible. Please enjoy!

#1 Tip: Don’t overdo it. Your main message or call-2-action can get lost because of too many colors or even too much of one color. It’s really enough with few colors.

#2 Tip: Stay within the palette.  Don’t forget about the corporate style and corporate palette – make sure your email design is related to the website design.

#3 Tip: Use color to improve visibility.   Use color to mark important areas of your email body, for example – you can easily make your call-2-action extremely visible by marking it with your “key” color.

#4 Tip: Be mindful of color implications. Sometimes red color means sale, sometimes – alarm or warning. So the red color can attract or scare subscribers, just think about it.

#5 Tip: Make sure to keep it balanced. If the key color is blue and the supporting colors are yellow and green, go heavier on the blue and accent with the others.

5 Tips on How to Use Colors in Email Marketing
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