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    Social Media Techniques 2010 – TOP 23 Social Media Trends

    by Paul Shuteyev
    1. The fact that audience has the control starts to sink in.
      Social Media Trends 2010

      Social Media Trends 2010

    2. Social media will get real budgets.
    3. Social media will be integrated to overall marketing activities.
    4. Social media ROI will become important.
    5. Brands start to use listening platforms to monitor the conversations.
    6. Social media will reach behind corporate firewalls.
    7. Customer service and interaction with businesses becomes social.
    8. Measuring online activities and their effect on offline sales will become increasingly important.
    9. Media will fragment even more and smaller communities can be hyper-targeted.
    10. Social networks chatter will be incorporated into CRM systems.
    11. More sales will originate from social media contacts (B2B and B2C).
    12. Mobile Marketing will reach tops of social media.
    13. All search will be real-time. Web, blogs, social networks.
    14. Real-time will be the right time. Delays will cost customers.
    15. People will use more social networks’ messaging instead of regular email and IM.
    16. First large scale successful augmented reality applications.
    17. Campaigns will get more dynamic, spanning from offline to actionable social channels.
    18. Social networks will become more commercial.
    19. Ads will be more interactive and connected to social networks.
    20. The home page for internet users will be social network’s profile page.
    21. Facebook will grow to 700 million?
    22. Shopping will be integrated into social networking sites.
    23. Email Marketing boost because of integrated social media technologies.
    Written by:
    Paul Shuteyev
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