SMS Marketing 2010 – 5 Golden Rules of Permission Based SMS Marketing

    by Paul Shuteyev
    SMS marketing

    SMS marketing

    "Email is personal.

    SMS is more personal."

    Although an email reaches the individual directly, is cheap, convenient and fast – this is where the similarities between email and SMS come to an end. Mobile phones do not have “Spam filters”, and as a result, it is virtually impossible for recipients to stop receiving messages – even if they do know who the sender is. The deletion process for an SMS is also longer and more tedious than for an email. People are therefore far more conscious of unwanted SMS messages than they are of traditional email Spam. It is AtomPark’s strongest recommendation that anyone engaging in any type of SMS marketing ensures that tacit permission has been given by the recipient to receive information. Sending unwanted messages to the mobile phones of your users will be extremely damaging to your brand, and we are really interested in successful business of yours. SMS is only less intrusive than other media when it’s permission based, relevant and meaningful. Take the high road with permission and privacy – it’ll pay off! To ensure that you use SMS to its full potential, you should practice permission-based marketing by following these simple guidelines: 1. Offer your existing and prospective customers an incentive for volunteering to become part of your database. 2. Ensure that the information passed to the customer increases in value over time (for the customer). 3. Constantly reinforce the incentive using new info from the customer (create a dialogue, not monologue) 4. Increase the level of permission - more reward to the customer for more information! 5. Turn the permission you have into a profitable situation for yourselves and your clients! If you apply these five rules (which are really applicable to any permission based marketing campaign), then you are bound to find success with your SMS campaigns!
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    Paul Shuteyev
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