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    Social Media 2011 – Top 11 Personal Branding Trends. Part 2.

    This is a 2nd part of “Top 11 Personal Branding Trends”. Let’s discuss your personal branding in social networks and social media tools. Please enjoy! 6. Web Purity Omnipresent social networks, myriad blogs, always-on and always-connected workplaces and work spaces, constant online job searches—the Web has become a noisy and crowded place. No wonder it’s difficult for people who google you to get a clear picture of who you are—especially if you have a common name. They can’t be sure whether you’re the John Smith who ran the Boston marathon or the one who faced insider-trading charges. Services will soon […]

    Social Media 2011 – Top 11 Personal Branding Trends. Part 1.

    Hi friends, Hope you’re doing really well. Let’s talk about about popularity, glory and everything in between. Here are top 11 personal-branding trends for 2011, first-5 in the first part of this article. These great promotion ideas will keep you visible as you grow in your marketing career (affiliate marketing, email marketing, e-business). Quick tip: for 2011, video is a primary focus and plays a major role in most of these 11 trends below. Please enjoy!

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