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    The Best Time to Send Emails (Backed by Expert Research) [Update 2023]

    Email marketing isn’t simple. To start a mass mailing campaign you should take into account many factors. For example, the quality of mailing base, email’s content and the most appropriate time to start the mass mailing campaign. Read the article to know what hours, day and month are the best for sending emails.

    Proven Tips How to Develop Successful Email Drip Campaigns in 2023

    A drip campaign is a good way for brands to send special offers and specific information to a target audience without spending the whole day monitoring these communications.

    Email Design Trends 2023: Scoop By Scoop

    Give your email design strategy a fresh makeover with the key email design trends to look for in 2021. Stay with us to make your efforts research-backed and result-driven for your next email campaign.

    4 Tips for 2023 on How to Add Background Images in Email Template

    Images are great attention-catchers and it’s extremely important to use them the right way. When it comes to backgrounds, you get additional layering possibilities and you can place the key message on top of background images. Read the article to learn basic tips on how to implement background images in a newsletter.

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    Holiday Email Marketing: How to make the most out of it

    November and December are months that have different holidays. Starting with Thanksgiving Day to New Year. Holiday time is a great chance for brands to increase clients’ loyalty and sales. Read the article to know how to create mass mailing campaign on holidays.

    Coronavirus Lockdown. Pandemic Guide For Small Business

    COVID-19 shatters everything that was being built for a long time. Business is in stress as well as clients. Thus, it is highly important to support them and keep the lights. In this article, we share the guide on how small businesses should behave during this period. Read it and find out the tips on how to stay afloat despite the pandemic.

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