5 Email Templates That Top Brands Use in 2023

    by Irina Podorvan

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    Even with the rise of social media marketing and other forms of digital marketing, email marketing still keeps up to be one of the most practical methods to reach the target audience.

    Did you know that the number of email users worldwide has touched 3.93 billion and is expected to reach 4.4 billion by 2023?

    This simple projection will help you better understand how email marketing has taken over and is driving online business to higher sales and revenue.

    We are no strangers to constant email reminders, correct?

    Whether there is a new update in your app or a new product launch, you are notified of every single thing via email. Not only that, even when you buy a product, you always receive a follow-up survey email.

    The main reason for this is easy and instant customer reach.

    You can upload millions of photos or posts on your social media account, but when it comes to email — you can target a specific customer directly. So, with email marketing, the possibility of customer acquisition and retention is far greater than social media.

    Now that we know why email marketing is still a great way for businesses to enhance customer retention, let’s talk about how email marketing benefits an organization. Then, we will dig into five brands and see how they use email surveys to capture their feedback.

    How Does Email Marketing Benefit an Organization?

    1.   Low Costs

    The cost incurred by email marketing is way too less as compared to other mainstream advertising platforms. There are no print or publishing fees and no expenses paid to agency or exchange. The only cost that can come up is for the tools to send thousands of emails using good email marketing templates, track the email delivery and read status.

    2.   Reaching Already Engaged Audience

    Email marketing helps reach the audience that is already your customer since you would have already captured email addresses over the last transaction. This can help you to compose special offers and promotions targeted at specific individuals.

    3.   Easy to Get Started

    What goes into sending an email? Nothing! But, when it comes to email marketing, we are talking about sending thousands of emails to the targeted audience. And, this is done using email templates for business. It requires some setup for which you might have to take the training.

    4.   Reach Global Audience

    Even small businesses and freelancing have gone global, thanks to the Internet and the enablement of Internet-based financial transactions. With this comes the need for global advertising. Unlike traditional forms of marketing and advertising, email marketing has the potential to reach millions of people globally.

    5.   Instant Impact

    How long does it take for an email to reach the recipient? It's instantaneous and impacts the user as soon as he/she reads it. How frequently do users read their emails? According to an article by Forbes, the average person reads emails every 15 minutes. So, when we say instant impact, we mean it with an average delay of just 15 minutes.

    6.   Return on Investment

    The return on investment (ROI) is way too high as compared to traditional forms of marketing, as well as other forms of digital marketing. All you need is an email marketing software and email list that you can buy, and you must already have from your customer/to-be customer database.

    Let’s check out five email templates that stand out of the crowd.

    5 Email Survey Templates You Can Learn From

    1. Macy’s

    Macy’s has a two-fold approach:

    • It connects with their customers with a friendly-toned email.
    • It offers an after-survey prize

    The brand ensures all their customers respond to their email with a contest, and it is genius! Not only does it minimize the possibility of detractors, but it also increases the chances of existing customers to spread the word out. Take a look at one of their email surveys:

    Email example

    What do we learn from this brand email template?

    • A contest can go a long way in decreasing detractors
    • Keep your emails direct and fun
    • Ensure you give all important details in your email survey
    1. Airbnb

    Airbnb has a more precise and mellow approach as compared to Macy’s. They give their customers a welcoming feeling at the start of their email. Later, they move on to talking about how easy and quick it is to take a survey. Take a look:

    Email template example

    What do we learn from this brand email template?

    • Don’t go overboard, keep it simple.
    • Emphasize the time it’ll take to complete the survey
    • Give assurance that you’ll listen to your customers and improve your services
    1. Bonobos

    Another brilliant customer survey template is the one used by Bonobos. Bonobos is an e-commerce apparel subsidiary of Walmart. They have taken the survey game up a notch by focusing on presentation. Take a look:

    Bonobos email example

    What do we learn from this brand email template?

    • With simple text, focus on the background
    • Be exact when it comes to how much time it will take to complete the survey
    • Emphasize how you want to hear your customers experience
    1. Amazon

    Similar to Macy’s, Amazon simply made it a little sweeter! Instead of a competition, they guarantee a cash prize for every person who takes their survey. Here’s a look into the template:

    Amazon email example

    What do we learn from this brand email template?

    • Make your customers feel valued
    • Guarantee a prize to increase the number of participants
    • Again, emphasize on your will to improve your services
    1. Netflix

    Keeping it extremely simple, Netflix emphasizes on how important their customers' voice is to them. This not only encourages customers to take the survey but also makes them feel highly important and valued. This is how Netflix does it:

    Netflix email example

    What do we learn from this brand email template?

    • It’s all about customer delight
    • Ask for your customers’ help
    • Give it a personalized touch

    How to Create a Compelling Email Survey Template: 4 Easy Steps!

    1.   Craft a Compelling Subject Line

    According to a Salesforce report, the decision whether to read an email or not is made based on the subject line. Always craft your email subject in a way that keeps the email distinct from the chunk of mails the user already has.

    You can also consider giving a ‘value proposition’ or an offer discount to the user in return for filling in the survey. So, your ideal survey email subject may look like "Share your thoughts to win $50".

    2.   Keep it Short and Crisp

    Keeping it short ensures that the user will answer the questions, and it is not going to consume much of his time. The ideal number of questions in the best survey question examples used to be 4, but these days most businesses prefer just a single item... "Did you enjoy the visit?" "How do you rate us?" or "How likely are you to recommend us to your friend?"

    3.   Mark the Estimated Time Upfront

    It is good to be honest about the time your survey is going to take. If it's going to take 15-20 minutes, its best to mention it upfront on your survey template. If it's going to take less than a minute, you can even consider marking it in your subject line. For example, "Take 1 minute to rate us and win $50".

    4.  Use a Simple CTA button

    Always use a simple text button for the survey. In the past, people have used very attractive landing page buttons for email surveys but they have failed miserably on their click-through rates.

    Business Email Templates: The Final Word

    Email marketing is so powerful that it has transformed businesses completely. It has helped companies cut down on the cost of marketing and yielded a high return on investment. Sharing customer feedback surveys via email is one of the most effective methods of email marketing.

    The key item in getting high click-through rates in email surveys it to keep the subject eye-catchy, the template appealing, the questions minimal and the CTA button simple.

    To make things further easy, you can consider using ready-made stuff like Survey Maker. Companies like Macy’s, Netflix, and Airbnb have introduced unique business email templates to run customer feedback surveys, and they have improved their business turnovers multi-fold. You too can take cues from the discussed email template examples to run a successful email survey campaign.

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