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    Top 10 Essential Magento Security Tips To Secure your Ecommerce Website

    Thousands of e-commerce businesses use Magento platform for their e-stores. Transactions worth millions are executed on these stores every day. If there is money, there will be risks. Cybercrime could spoil your business’ success party any day. Even though all e-commerce platforms, Magento included, offer you robust security features, and keep on upgrading them frequently, you cannot really hope to live with that. We will tell you the 10 most important Magento security tips that will keep your store secure.

    How to Get Free SSL Certificate for Personal Use?

    Earlier, web stores used SSL certificates to get payments from customers via encrypted gateways. However, the popularity and use of SSL increased exponentially the moment Google made it a ranking factor for websites in the search engine results pages. Thanks to this unique combination of security and SEO, SSL has turned into an indispensable resource for any modern site.

    Find and Collect email addresses effectively with 7 tips from Atomic Team

    Some people think that if they want to build email database, they just need to buy email extractor, launch it and click “Extract” button. But the case is that the program need to be customized according to your needs. Atomic Emai Hunter settings designed to help you to extract email addresses quick as well as to build targeted email database. Here are 7 tips you should know about how to make the search more efficient.   1. URL Search You can simply type any valid URL in the search bar and click Enter to begin. Email Hunter will start searching […]

    Increasing Email Marketing ROI – Deliverability and Behavioral Targeting Tricks and Tips

    Hey Guys, Hope you’re doing great! We all know that email marketing is highly profitable kind of marketing, and statistically each dollar spent on email marketing campaign returns as $40. Sure, some email marketers have better ROI, some not, but there is one thing that is 100% true – you can always do better and have better return of investments. I would like to provide you with email marketing deliverability and behavioral targeting tricks and tips. Please enjoy! Deliverability. Recent studies and statistics show that ~20% of email marketing messages never reach recipient’s inbox. Here are some tricks and tips to […]

    7 Marketing Tips to Stay Modern in 2012

    Hi guys, hope you’re doing great! We all have already calculated our marketing results for year 2011, and now it’s time to sum our experience and detect what we should focus on in 2012 to stay modern. I’ve prepared 7 marketing tips that will help you to determine your marketing goals and methods for 2012. Let’s start. What you should focus on in 2012: 1 SMS marketing. In the end of 2011, during the holiday season, sms marketing was one of the best marketing methods, sms advertising boosted sales a lot. Keep this in mind and use sms deliveries for […]

    Holidays and Celebrations 2012 – Marketing Calendar. 5 Tips Included!

    Hey guys, Tomorrow is the St.Valentine’s Day – day of love for all the lovers and the challenge for the marketers. If a marketer is in love, then it’s a double challenge, huh! 🙂 Today I want to post a Holiday and Celebration calendar of 2012, originally published by GetResponse. This calendar is made to help marketers to plan all kind of promotional activities – all the holidays, events and celebrations are divided by months, seasons, etc. You will find the calendar below, but now I want to provide you with few tips that will help you to run any […]

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