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    Top 4 Tips on How to Convert Email Subscribers into Sales

    by Paul Shuteyev
    4_fingersHey guys! Hope you're doing great. All the marketers, and especially email marketers, fight for the subscribers. Sure subscribers are a very important part of the sale process, but it's really possible to make tons of mistakes trying to convert your email subscriber into a sale and lose him before the actual sale. I would like to provide you with 4 tips on how to avoid such mistakes, this will also help you to convert subscribers into sales. See below and enjoy! 1. Show him the way. It's good to provide your subscriber with the clear path of actions that leads to a sale. Imagine he's a foreigner and act like you really want him to get to your favorite place, for example - your website. Be sure subscriber follows you. 2. Forget about the Will-word. No future promises, your service or product works now, here, from now on. Now is urgent, future isn't. I won't buy a product I don't need now, or if it won't start working within an hour (license, activation, approve issues). 3. Easy-2-follow content. When a subscriber opens your mailing he start scanning it for the most precious information and the best offers. Make such info easy to read and easy to act. Remember: mailing is just a mailing - you need actions! 4. Be careful with the Links. Links are like one-way portals, very few visitors will come back to the original post or email. That's why you need to be sure your links lead them to the right places, because no one will come back and try again. Atomic email sender software automates email design, test, optimization and sending processes.
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    Paul Shuteyev
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