Atomic Domain Catalogue

This product is no longer available. Please check out Atomic Whois Explorer and create your own database.

Atomic Domain Catalogue - Categorized dataAtomic Atomic Domain Catalogue is a database of more than 70 million freshly collected domain names. .

75,092,432 domains are categorized alphabetically and can be saved to a file or clipboard.

Our Domain Catalogue contains:

Top-level domain names
number of domain names
54 796 965
8 071 607
5 020 884
3 598 913
1 261 625
1 238 857
1 104 081

Note! Note! Domain names are sometimes referred to as "web addresses" or " websites". This is incorrect! When you register a domain name, you do not automatically have a website.

You can use Atomic Domain Catalogue together with:

  • Atomic Whois Extractor to extract emails of domain registrants or administrators from the WHOIS database..
  • Atomic List Manager (Generate List feature) to build new mailing lists. The Generate List feature lets you generate new email addresses by adding any recipient username (e.g., "info" or "admin") before the @ sign followed by a domain taken from Atomic Domain Catalogue.
    Note! When you use extractors like the Whois Extractor or Email Hunter for processing a large amount of data like the Domain Catalogue, pleaseextract information in pieces to avoid blacklisting.

Please also take a look at Atomic Web Catalogue:: a database of approximately 1.4 million websites divided into 16 main categories like Business, Computers, Games, and Health, suitable for gathering targeted email addresses with the help of email harvesters like Atomic Email Hunter.

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Atomic Domain Catalogue - Main Catalogue

Atomic Domain Catalogue - Data Export