We don't offer web based service any longer since we consider Atomic Sender a more affordable and suitable offer.
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Atomic Email Service

Web-based platform for sending newsletters. Create, send and track your messages to clients with ease. Get a free account today!

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Cheap bulk email service you can afford

We offer a cheap bulk email service for those who need a simple solution for sending automatic messages to their existing clients.

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Easy tool for email creation

Atomic Email Service has an intuitive interface – you can manage email campaigns without having technical skills.

Right after the registration process, you get open access to the service. You don't need to install any additional software, or search for and customize an external SMTP server.

It takes only two clicks and a couple of minutes to create and send your mailings.

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Masss Email Service - Low prices

Having analyzed the prices for sending bulk email, we have created an efficient and cheap bulk email service with a flexible tariff system – it fully corresponds to the user's needs and resources.

After registration, you'll be enrolled in the "Free 200" tariff plan. It allows you to manage email campaigns and send 3,000 emails per month for free.

You can choose any other tariff and change your current plan at any time.

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iPhone and iPad app for bulk mailings

Our company offers a free iOS application for sending bulk emails from your iPhone/iPad.

This app lets you add subscribers to your lists, send email campaigns and view detailed reports. You can create a campaign on desktop and send it from wherever you are.

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Atomic Email Service allows personalizing emails you send to your clients (name, position, individual sale prices and so on).

You don't need to create two separate accounts to send emails from different email addresses. Atomic Email Service doesn't limit the number of "from" email addresses.

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Responsive email design with Bulk Email Service

More than 50% of all emails are read on mobile devices. Therefore, responsive email design is not just a supplement, it’s a necessity.

Because of the responsive emails that can be created in our new editor with blocks and images, and that adapt to any resolution, each user can comfortably read emails on a tablet or any other mobile device.

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Bulk Email Sending Service Autoresponder

Atomic Email Service allows you to send emails prepared in advance to subscribers on your mailing lists.

You create the text only once, adjust the settings, and your subscribers start to receive letters according to the schedule you’ve chosen.

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Mass Mail Service - White Label

This feature allows you to send "clean" messages without any mention of our bulk email service, neither in the headline, nor in the letter itself. You'll be able to send messages from your own brand or company name.

Clients easily identify your messages, and this greatly enhances the loyalty and trust of your readers.

When you order this feature, you get a dedicated IP and your own domain for monitoring the statistics of your email campaign.

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Bulk Mail Sending Service and Split-test (A/B test)

Split test is a perfect marketing method that can improve the quality of your mailings. The essence of this test lies in the analysis of several message templates that have slight differences (for example, different themes).

Send each letter to some part of your recipients and then compare the results of these mailings and choose the variant that has higher CTR and opening rate. This way you can manage email campaigns with better results.

Split-test is an effective method of increasing the effectiveness of your mailings.

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You need to schedule messages for a certain time and date?

Specify the date and your emails will be sent automatically and the desired time.

The service doesn't limit the number of such mailings.

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Subscription form

Our bulk email service allows creating subscription forms for your mailings in just a few minutes.

With the help of Atomic Email Service form generator you can select the style of your subscription form, add fields, edit text, and as a result get the form that will satisfy the requirement of your web-site.

The subscription form allows you to collect contact information for future mailings.

How to create a subscription form
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Do you want to know, who opens and reads your messages, and to trace which links are clicked by subscribers?

In the "My campaigns" tab you can see the statistics presented in the form of a chart. It shows detailed delivery reports for all of your campaigns.

You can also view the results for each email campaign separately. The collected information shows the number of read messages, click-through rates, delivery errors and the number of unsubscribed clients.
Additionally the statistics shows: opens by location, clicks map, error statistics.

Clicks map

Clicks map is a letter template with links. Near each link there’s the number of recipients that clicked it.

This feature gives you a clear idea of which web-site pages and which information is the most interesting for your clients. It helps develop a strategy for choosing the best place for links in your letters.

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Email templates

Atomic Email Service has ready-made templates that simplify the process of email creation. These templates are free for all users of our service.

When creating email messages you can edit the templates: add the logo of your company, message text, insert icons of social networks and unsubscribe links, change the structure and color palette.

You can find all the templates on the “Email templates” -> “General” tab. Personally created templates can be saved separately in the “Personal” section.

Template design

Do you want to impress your clients with a unique design of your messages? Our professional designers can create a custom template according to your requirements in 5 days.

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Our clients say:


I have been working with the service and I can't find any failing feature in it. Everything is clear, simple, fast and almost automatical. You are required to load mailing lists, create a message and send it in a click. THAT'S REALLY ALL! No complex settings or troubles. My conclusion: want to send bulk emails without any problems – get the Atomic Email Service!

Ben E. Mitchel

Atomic Email Service is quite user-friendly, simple and sends thousands emails in several minutes. And customer support was very helpful (though sometimes I asked them silly questions). My thanks to you, guys..

Len Murphy

Your service has been a perfect tool for my email marketing success. I know exactly the result I want from my email campaigns and I have everything I need in your service. I have tried a lot of online services, but yours the best in the bulk email industry..

Stew J. D.

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